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Friday 15.11.2019 | Name days: Undīne, Leopolds, Unda

Ushakov: coalition impossible without Harmony Center

The only viable and efficient coalition that will be able to work at the Saeima for three years is only possible with the Harmony Center, emphasizes Nil Ushakov, the party's leader.

Latvian food companies owned by foreigners

Twenty years after the privatization process started off, almost all major Latvian food companies are owned by the Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Russian and other foreign companies, as well as private investors.

Taskila: maintaining national airlines in Baltics – crucial

Finnair, SAS and Flybe Nordic’s operation policy in the Baltic States is crucial, so preservation of national airlines plays a key role as well, believes Tero Taskila, former commercial director of airBaltic and the current president of Estonian Air.

Tax debts to state budget – 898.66 million lats

Over the last month, the total debts to the state budget rose by 2.87% or 25.11 million lats, hitting 898.66 million lats.

Biggest tax debt - 13.55 million lats

Private person Jevgeny Jakovlev ranks the leader in tax debts among 100 companies and private persons that owe the state over 300 000 lats. He has dodged taxes at the extent of 13.55 million lats as of September 2011, according to the State Revenue Service.

Daugavpils not to let Riga explode

Latvian south-east city Daugavpils has started to collect signatures in order to revoke Riga City Council's decision to allow construction of a mineral fertilizer terminal in Riga Port. The project provides handling and storing of ammonium nitrate of all kinds.

Oracle sues Google for 1.16 billion dollars

The technology company Oracle estimates it has suffered loses of nearly 1.16 billion U.S. dollars due to the technology giant Google allegedly violating Java technology copyrights and patent rights in its Android operating system.

Photos of the Week 2011.09.23

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16 European banks deemed «fragile»

The condition of sixteen European banks can be characterized as «fragile»; therefore, these financial institutions need additional aid, the European Commission recognized. At the same time, it is unclear which banks are not strong enough.

Zatlers Reform Party yields to Unity, continuing bilateral talks

In the following days, Zatlers Reform Party’s priority will be bilateral negotiations with Unity’s authorized representatives and work at bilateral experts groups, ZRP’s board ruled in the meeting on September 23, thus yielding to Unity's standpoint.

Estonia - eurozone leader in shadow economy

Estonian shadow economy is the biggest among the eurozone member states. Estimates show that shadow economy in Estonia could hit 28.6% of GDP this year, compared to 29.3% in 2010.

Vilks: Latvia does not deserve government «steering» east

In this increasingly important time, Latvia definitely does not deserve a government heading east, the Latvian Finance Minister Andris Vilks writes on his Twitter account on September 23.

Foreign travellers spent 173.9 million lats in Latvia

In the first half of 2011, foreign visitors spent 173.9 millon lats in Latvia – 14% more than in the same period last year, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

Zatlers Reform Party encouraged marking «crosses» to special members

Zatlers Reform Party’s Ethics Committee has addressed the issue of pre-election party newspapers encouraging voters to mark a cross next to some ZRP deputy candidates names.

Tax penalties written off too hastily

Possibly, the draft law stipulating one-off penalty deletion for tax debtors was forwarded in Saeima too hastily.

Titavs: «zatlerians» are not behaving

Absence of President Andris Berzins and mutual dislike among parties postpones coalition building, says Dans Titavs, board member of Latvian Exporters and Investors Club.