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Saturday 29.02.2020 | Name days:

Heating debts up 25% versus 2010

Heating debts have surged 25% over September, 2010, now accounting for 25 million lats, according to the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments.

Baltika Latvija: H&M entrance in Latvia – not impossible

The Swedish clothing brand H&M's entry into the Latvian market is not impossible, believes Maruta Ergle, head of SIA Baltika Latvija. She adds that H&M will definitely look at the Baltic market as a whole, because it would be unreasonable for such a large chain to operate with loss in one or two shopping centres in Riga.

Sociologist: five parties to definitely get over 5% barrier

It is safe to say that five parties will get over the five percent barrier, believes Arnis Kaktins, sociologist and director of the research centre SKDS, adding that these elections, like any others, might bring surprises.

Dombrovskis pledges not to raise taxes if he is re-appointed prime minister

The current Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis is set not to increase taxes for three years if he is re-appointed in the post. It is also promised to reduce the workforce debt burden gradually. According to Dombrovskis, individual income tax could be cut first.

Voters introduce corrections to party lists

Previous electoral experience suggests that voters often introduce serious changes into politic party lists. As a result, some popular candidates often move even further from getting a seat in the Saeima, while those listed at the very end get more chances to become the next parliamentarians.

Liepaja city hotel Līva fetches 1.2 million lats at auction

On Thursday, September 15 Liepaja city hotel Līva was sold at an auction for 1 248 000 lats. Until now the hotel was owned by the insolvent company Serviss RC, informs Ainars Kreics, insolvency administrator of Serviss RC.

Rimsevics: voters should assess parties’ promises and ways of funding

The best preparation for another recession or Plan B is the same Plan A, believes Ilmars Rimsevics, president of the Bank of Latvia, indicating that the government has to aim at a balanced budget and spending cuts, not increasing taxes next year.

Bank of Latvia not to change interest rates

Bank of Latvia decided in a session on September 15 not to change its interest rates and the minimum reserve requirement imposed on the banking sector. Other monetary measures remain in force as well.

Oil price keeps falling over U.S. demand concerns

On Thursday, September 15, crude price dropped over growing fuel inventories and falling demand in the U.S. There are concerns that the staggering economic growth and the eurozone’s debt crisis will impact energy consumption.

Politicians divided over where to get money for health care

Leaders of the main politic parties are divided over where to get financing for the health care sector. Dins Smits, health minister candidate from Zatlers Reform Party, believes that many people are currently not in the tax system that is funding health care.

53% of citizens notice campaigns slandering political rivals

More than a half or 53% of the economically-active citizens of Latvia have noticed various campaigns slandering political rivals in the eve of the Saeima elections.

airBaltic starts cutting 200 jobs

Latvian national airline airBaltic is set to dismiss 200 flight attendants, pilots and mechanics. Job cuts started off a month ago under the pretext of the airline abandoning old and inefficient Fokker-50 aircraft.

Diagnosis: each party has its own pre-election headache

University of Latvia housed one of the last prime minister candidates public discussions in the eve of early elections of the 11th Saeima. Parties showed different attitude towards their most dynamic voters - students.

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