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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

Panasonic could face biggest loss in a decade

Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic has come up with a forecast it could pose annual net loss of 420 billion yen (LVL 2.7 billion), which would account for its biggest loss in a decade.

11th Saeima deputies also give up document print versions

Since the 11th Saeima convocation, a number of deputies have filed applications to the Saeima Presidium, wishing to give up parliamentary meeting’s print documents.

Japan to lend a helping hand to Europe

Japan govenrment has announced it is ready to keep investing in the European Finance Stabilization Fund, while the eurozone believes that the debt crisis can be tackled without any outside help.

TOP 25 of world's best employers published

The institute Great Place to Work has published a rating of the world's TOP 25 best employers. Microsof was awarded the first place.

Latvia has the sixth highest price of diesel in EU

In late October, the average diesel retail price in Latvia, excluding taxes, hit 756.65 per 1 000 litres (53.18 santims per litre), which is the sixth highest in the EU, according to the European Commission’s data.

Ombudsman: PUC - not working in interests of society

Increase in Latvenergo electric energy tariffs was not grounded enough, therefore, the matter calls for immediate in-depth examination, says Ombudsman Juris Jansons.

Riga Airport services 7% more passengers in third quarter

In the third quarter of 2011, there were 1.6 million passengers arriving and departing from Riga International Airport, representing a rise of 7% over the exact period last year.

IZZI believes LNT and TV3’s claim to charge money from operators is unlawful

The national television channels’ request to grant them rights to charge a fee from cable operators for the distribution of content, while maintaining in the national broadcasting is unlawful and totally illogical, IZZI points out to BNN.

Oil price shrinks on stronger dollar

Oil price dropped on Monday, October 31, amid strong dollar and poor demand for oil products, while the dollar was up to a three-month high against the yen after Japan intervened in currency markets.

58% say improvements in heating system would cut debts

Upon considering the most efficient solutions in solving the heating debts issue, two thirds of Latvia residents point out that prevention measures are crucial. They believe that insulation, more modern heating systems and the cheapest heating energy production would contribute to dropping heating bills.

Riga Traffic stops creating paid car parking lots

In order to understand the demand and price relationships, Riga Traffichas for a while halted the further establishment of paid parking lots in the periphery of Riga centre, reveals Leons Bemhens, board chairman of Riga Traffic.

Nordea: loans to become more expensive

The recent decision on banks recapitalization taken in the EU summit will reflect also in the activities of Finnish banks, according to Nordea bank experts.

Illegal scrap metal market rapidly growing in Latvia

Along with changes in the Value Added Tax regarding transactions with scrap metal and due to high scrap metal prices on global stock exchanges, metal thieves in Latvia have become particularly shameless. Meanwhile, the number of scrap metal collectors is growing.

Interior Minister involved in business

Rihards Kozlovskis, the new Latvia Interior Minister from Zatlers Reform Party, is seriously involved in business activities. He owns 26.24% of BBF Consulting, a company which in turn owns Days Hotel on Brivibas Street.

Slesers on Rīdzene conversations: we were talking about future plans

Ainars Slesers, the «central character» in the intercepted conversations at the hotel Rīdzene, does not doubt the truthfulness of the published conversations, although he is trying to downplay what has been said, indicating that only talks about future plans were carried out.

Latvia to transition into winter time on Sunday

Latvia and many other countries worldwide are set to transition from the Daylight Saving Time (summer time) back into the winter time by turning the clock one hour back. In Latvia, the transition to the summer time will take place at 4.00 am (overnight to Sunday).