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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

LVL 46.3 million reimbursed to Krajbanka clients

As of Wednesday, November 30, 10:00, a total of LVL 46.3 million were reimbursed to Latvijas Krajbanka clients.

Police seizes property of Krajbanka board

Within the framework of the criminal proceedings launched in Krajbanka, law enforcement authorities have identified four suspects: President Ivars Prieditis, co-owner Vladimir Antonov as well as board members Dzintars Pelcbergs and Martins Zalans.

Antonov resigns as Chairman of Portsmouth Football Club

The notorious Russian billionaire Vladmiri Antonov has resigned as Chairman and director of Portsmouth Football Club, which plays in the English second tier.

S&P cuts ratings of leading world banks

Under new ratings criteria, the international rating agency Standard & Poor’s is downgrading the ratings of 37 leading European and American banks. According to the ratings agency, most of the new ratings would remain within one notch.

Government puts off decision in Passenger Train procurement

The government has again postponed making a decision in the huge Passenger Train (Latvian: Pasažieru Vilciens) tender, which foresees procurement of 34 electric trains and 7 diesel trains.

Crisis taught people not to rely on politicians

Most of Latvia residents blame public officials for triggering the 2008-2009 crisis. Most often people disapprove of politicians' constant mutual conflicts and ambitions (51%), carelessness and short-sightedness (46%), ignorance (44%), as well as indecisiveness (40%).

Swedish economist gives 80% chance euro will collapse

In case the eurozone crisis does not stabilize, there will be 80% chance the euro could collapse, says Stephen Ternkvist, head of Alandsbanken Finance department.

Constitutional Court Chairman: another state language - practically unviable

The Latvian language is very much protected on the constitutional level, because a huge number of people has to vote for any changes to take place. But as we know people are not very active when it comes to a national vote, says Aivars Endzins, Constitutional Court Chairman.

BNN respondents don't trust Ushakov's dreams

BNN portals have rounded up a poll where readers could express their opinion on Riga Mayor's statement that Harmony Center (HC) will form the government in 2012.

New head of anti-corruption bureau to make LVL 1 715 a month

Today, November 29, Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis signed a document that indicates the monthly salary of the new head of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau - Jaroslav Strelchenok.

Medvedev organizes a contest of the silliest regulation

Russia President Dmitry Medvedev is set to organize a contest to find out the silliest administrative regulation that limits business development.

Construction costs up 4.3% year-on-year

Compared to September, construction costs grew on average by 2.0% in October 2011, according to the Central Statistical Bureau. Labour remuneration of workers increased by 3.7%, prices of building materials rose by 2.4%.

Bajare: Krajbanka impact on national economy depends on Lithuania

In terms of the consequences from Latvijas Krajbanka crisis, we cannot speak about an impact on the state budget, but we can speak about certain effects on the national economy, says Sanita Bajare, Finance Ministry's press secretary.

Steinbuka: work with lenders was Latvia's chance to save face

Welfare is not an easy goal in Latvia, the situation is complex. Besides, Europe itself has been undermined. It is seeking for ways to exit the crisis. EU member states and also the European Commission are in a force major regime, says Inna Steinbuka, head of EC office in Latvia.