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Saturday 04.04.2020 | Name days: Valda, Herta, Ārvalda, Ārvalds

Airport: eight of ten passengers not to feel new security fee

All aviation companies of the Riga airport, except Ryanair, have agreed to include the security fee in a ticket price, starting from January 1, 2012. Consequently most airport passengers will probably not even mention any changes, BNN was informed by Head of the Public Relations Department Sarmite Bunka-Brilijonka.

Economy Ministry expects 3% growth in 2012

The Latvian Ministry of Economy believes that 2011 marks positive economic development. Since the low point of the crisis in the 3rd quarter of 2009, the gross domestic product will have expanded by more than 10% by the end of the year.

Cabinet of Ministers 2011 agenda – 3 000 issues

Looking back at the Cabinet of Ministers’ (CM) 2011 agenda, it can be seen that there have been 76 meetings (24 emergency sessions). A total of 2 944 issues were decided upon. 1 906 (65%) of them had been included in the agenda all along, while 1 038 (35%) came as extra tasks.

Saeima and Employers’ Confederation to fight shadow economy together

The Saeima and the Latvian Employers’ Confederation agreed on December 29 to fight the shadow economy together.

Latvian Gas seals 2012 supply deal with Gazprom

The company Latvian Gas has signed a contract with the Russian concern Gazprom on gas supplies in 2012, according to LG press secretary Vinsents Makaris.

Food prices up in markets, constant in stores

Prices for food products in December this year, compared to November, have significantly increased in markets, but in stores they have remained constant, informs Inguna Gulbe, Head of the Center for Promotion of Agriculture Market.

Volvo set to be more aggressive

The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is planning to become “more direct, aggressive and competitive” in its marketing strategy.

Sale of Italian government bonds to determine stability in Eurozone

Today, December 29, stability of Eurozone faces one of the main challenges - Italy, the third biggest economy in European Union (EU), is planning to collect even 6.7 billion euro for sale of government bonds.

Only 36% say tariffs of their mobile operator are economical

There is fierce competition on the Latvian market of mobile communications. Operators keep coming up with a variety of sophisticated ways how to show their prices in the very best light. Sometimes such attempts put them on the brink of a law violation.

USA economy to develop faster

After the 2% growth this year economy of United States of America is likely to grow by 2.4% next year, forecast economists.

Gazprom export below the most careful prognosis

Russian gas export this year will reach 150 billion cubic meteres, which is below the most careful prognosis for 2011, admits Aleksey Miller, Gazprom Head of the Board.

Dollar gains while oil sticks above 107 dollars

Brent crude is still steady above 107 dollars a barrel amid stronger dollar and growing U.S. crude stocks compensating for the Iranian threat to halt a crucially important oil trade route.

Crisis affect flow of guest workers

Yet in spring Germany's yellow press was anxious about Eastern Europe emigrant crowds overflowing Germany after labour market opening, thus cutting wages for locals. Although in the first half of year number of emigrants has grown by one fifth, forecasts about countries with biggest flow of guest workers have turned out to be wrong.

SRS to control nearly all websites

Since November this year all internet pages through which any business is carried out are equal with other structural units of a company and shall be registered in the State Revenue Service (SRS). Experts such eradication of shadow economy call increase of administrative burden.

Saeima Speaker: we have won over some oligarchs

The best thing of 2011 is that Latvia has rounded up its international loan programme, which means that we have regained our financial independence and the ability to decide where to place our money, says the Saeima Speaker Solvita Aboltina.

Latvia pays 94.1 million LVL interest payment on loan

This year Latvia has paid 94.1 million lats interest payment on the international loan, according to the Finance Ministry.

Households worry increase of expenses for food and house

Finance of Latvian families in 2011 were mostly influenced by increase of electricity and natural gas tariffs, increase of fuel prices, and increase of value added tax rates.

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