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Kubilius singles out «Russian awakening» and «Arab spring»

Speaking about the most important events in 2011, Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius points at the so-called Arab spring, the EU debt crisis and Russian protests.

Half of Latvia distrusts pension system

Half of the Latvian population pays attention to the existing pension system and discussions on possible changes in it, according to Compensa Life survey.

Lithuanians are tired of saving

This year’s Christmas trade turnover has exceeded all expectations. Some people believe that buyers opened their wallets a bit more, because they’ve gotten used to the crisis by now and others believe that people are simply tired of saving money.

Early retirement possible also in 2012

The Saemia Social and Labor Affairs Committee (SSLAC) has worked hard on maintaining favourable regulations for people who are about to retire, says Aija Barcha, SSLAC Chairwoman.

Oslejs suggests establishing development bank on the basis of Citadele

The government's statement that now is not the right moment to sell Citadele bank is correct. However, the sale should not be put off. Instead, the govenrment should mull over the possibility to establish a development bank on the basis of Citadele, says economist Janis Oslejs.

Parex disclaim credit institution licence

In the extraordinary meeting of Parex bank's shareholders on Wednesday December 28, according to the declared agenda, was made a decision to disclaim the licence for credit institution business and, due to change of status, complete necessary amendments in the bank's by-laws.

LB: manufacturing industry still underestimated in Latvia

Although manufacturing industry in Latvia directly forms only a small part of the total value added of the national economy (proportion in the structure of value added in 2010 – 13.4%), the manufacturing industry was the one that helped the Latvian national economy get out of crisis, notes Igors Kasjanovs, economist of the Bank of Latvia.

Jakobsons: decision to postpone sale of Citadele is logical

Government's decision to postpone sale of Citadele shares and return to this issue in more favourable market conditions is a logical step which meet interests of society and state.

Christmas in Estonia: 300 tons of tangerine and 715 000 chocolate bars

This Christmas, Estonian shop owners' businesses flourished more than last year. People mostly shopped on December 23 and December 24, when shops tuned 30% more than in 2010, according to Rimi Eesti Food AS.

Culture Minister: opera's financial issues show mismanagement

If the Latvian National Opera is short of half a million to a million lats each and every year, maybe we are doing something wrong, says Latvia Culture Minister Žaneta Jaunzeme-Grende, adding that the cultural programme might be too vast for the available funds.

Sale of BAS shares contested

Baltic Airlines Ltd, 100% owned by airBaltic, has requested cancellation of use of commercial pledge rights or sale of airBaltic private shares as the payment duty has not yet set in, writes the newspaper Dienas Bizness.

Danish Ambassador: we can't fully agree with what Latvia asks from EU budget

Denmark believes that the European Union (EU) has to reduce direct payments to farmers, but support rural regions more, says Danish Ambassador to Latvia Peer Carlsen.

Unemployment up in some regions of Latvia

The registered unemployment rate still accounts for 11.5% in late December 2011, however, it is up is some regions, according to the State Employment Agency.

Unemployment in France beats records

In France number of unemployed in November this year reached 2.85 million people, which is the highest indicator in last 12 years.

Some real estate market segments report activity

2011 marked a couple of new trends on the real estate market. They will keep determining growth also next year, says Maikls Makarovs, SIA Saliena Board Chairman.

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