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Ceturtdiena 09.04.2020 | Name days: Valērija, Žubīte

76% Lithuanians sure of not losing their job

The most part of employed Lithuanians (76%) are convinced that, at least in the near future, they will not lose their job. Average indicator in European Union (EU) is a little higher – 82%.

Greatest discoveries of 2011

At the end of each year, Science experts single out 10 scientific breakthroughs. According to them, clinical trial that demonstrated obvious benefits of anti-retroviral drugs is one of the most outstanding scientific achievements of the year, reports the Independent.

Facebook post saves a hostage

A woman, who was held hostage for almost five days in a suburb of Salt Lake City, USA, managed to escape after she asked for help through Facebook.

People stingy with greetings to state power

BNN last week's poll asked whom people wanted to greet with Christmas and the approaching New Year. The possible addressees included the state president, parliament members, ministers, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) as well as the State Audit Office (SAO). The results of the poll show the current attitude towards the state power.

Belarus tightens its control over fuel export out of the country

«Fuel shuttles» have hard times coming. From November onwards, Belarus has tightened its fuel export – a full tank can be exported no often than once in 8 days (previously it was once in 5 days).

Economists: euro not to make it through 2012

Next year when the economic crisis deepens even more, the eurozone will stop existing in its current form, according to the leading world economists.

CAF prolongs train purchase offer until the end of January

The winner of the JSC Pasazieru vilciens train purchase competition Spanish train manufacturer Construcciones y Auxiliares de Ferrocariles has prolonged the agreement offer until January 31 next year, says the PV representative Andrejs Filipovs.

Dombrovskis: best place for gas terminal - Riga

The Baltic states are still failing to agree on where to build the liquefied gas terminal. Therefore, we have asked the European Commission to conduct an in-depth analysis of the region and tell us where the best location is, says Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis.

Eight of ten biggest land owners in Latvia - foreigners

Currently eight of ten companies – biggest agricultural land owners in Latvia – totally or mostly belong to foreign companies.

Ushakov's correspondence reveals Harmony Center's secret budget

Two million lats are necessary not only for open but also hidden political advertising in the Latvian mass media in Russian and Latvian - Harmony Center member Nils Ushakov informed about funds needed for the victory in the 2009 municipal election.

Only 10% bus routs bring profit

There are bus routes in Latvia that do not need any extra state funds. About 10% of the total number can sustain themselves with profit from the tickets sold, says Normunds Narvaish, head of Road Transport Administration.

Long queues in Lithuanian post offices

Residents of Lithuania do not want to learn from their mistakes. Each year before Christmas and New year there are long queues in post offices, although post officials always suggest to dispatch presents for relatives abroad very timely.

Only two Latvian companies have Christmas in their names

Latvian companies often include words related to Christmas in their names. Among them the top leader is the word «gaisma» (light) chosen by 113 companies and organizations.

Latvia outruns Lithuania in exports of candles and gingerbread

At Christmas time, Latvian export markets show more successful performance than the neighbouring Lithuania, according to export consulting company GatewayBaltic.

Court declares Krajbanka insolvent

Today, December 23, Riga Regional Court declared Latvijas Krajbanka insolvent.

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