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Wednesday 29.01.2020 | Name days: Valērijs, Aivars

IQ tests: women are smarter than men

It turns out that women are brighter than men, according to the latest research.

British Foreign Minister: Lithuania can be considered a leader in EU growth

Lithuania can be considered a leader in growth in the European Union (EU) and a prime example to all member states – says British Foreign Minister William Hague, who arrived in Vilnius following the invitation of Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Ažubalis.

SRS: «zero» declaration registration rates gradually calm down

The individual property declaration registration rates are gradually calming down, as the data of the State Revenue Service (SRS) shows.

July 18 in pictures

BNN offers to take a look at the most interesting, the most scandalous and simply the most beautiful pictures of the day.

Daily joke: Football turkey

A Football team was on the field during practice, when to their surprise, a big turkey suddenly walked up to the coach and demanded a tryout.

UK unemployment drops to 8.1%

The number of people out of work is down by 65,000 to 2.58 million in the three months to May, according to the United Kingdom's Office for National Statistics.

Putin: 18 million people in Russia live below the poverty line

Russia has an unacceptably large difference in the residents’ level of income, and 13% or 18 million people still live below the poverty line, President Vladimir Putin admitted during the State Duma meeting.

Greenland’s iceberg is two times larger than Manhattan

A huge part of ice that broke off from the Petermann glacier formed an enormous iceberg. The size of this iceberg two times exceeds that of Manhattan.

Citizenship Law: times have changed – dual citizenship should be allowed

The Citizenship Law has not changed in 15 years. As the head of the sub-commission Ingmars Caklais says, the commission will need to decide which people will receive dual citizenship.

Meet airlines that serve free alcohol

You no longer have to worry about expensive onboard drinks. It turns out some airlines actually serve free alcoholic beverages onboard and not just to first class passengers.

Economist about inflation in Estonia: people have a tendency to exaggerate the price rise

Ever since the introduction of Euro in Estonie, the people perceived inflation kept increasing, i.e., the people’s opinion (its proportion gathered through sociological surveys) on how large the price rise was. Actual inflation (after being calculated at sales outlets) was notable lower, says Bank of Latvia Economist Ramune Rimgailaite.

Apparently, Latvia has more residents than registered in the population census

Latvian family doctors received appointment requests from 200 000 more residents than was registered during the national population census.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un named marshal

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been given the title of marshal, according to the state media. Marshal is the highest military rank, so Kim Jong-un is expected to boost his control over the army.

Businessman: Riga port should decide what to do with areas adjacent to residential territories

The Board of Riga Free port should decide how to develop further, because the infrastructure is under pressure and is located adjacent to residential districts, believes Chairman of the Board of Man-Tess Karlis Andersons.

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