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Sunday 05.04.2020 | Name days: Vidaga, Aivija, Vija

Spanish Economy Minister: investors have no confidence in euro

Europe's debt markets are not functioning as they should, because of the slow decision-making process. So investors outside the eurozone have no confidence in the single currency, says Luis de Guindos, Spain's Economy Minister.

Bank of Latvia Governor: we still need to be careful despite the growing optimism

Budget planning should be carried out carefully in the current situation. And even if it seems that everything is fine, we need to use cold reason to think whether the optimistic scenario will come true or not.

Best mobile apps of 2012

Halfway into 2012, there are now more than 1.2 million mobile applications available to download to iOS and Android devices. With so many options literally at our fingertips – including dozens of worthy titles introduced to us each day – the task of compiling a mid-year “best of” list of new apps is more challenging (and enjoyable) than ever. The TechCrunch made a list of 10 best mobile applications to help you choose.

IMF: Latvia’s economy is going through a steady recovery

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published the first post-program statement in relation to international financial aid offered to Latvia, which consists of a detailed report about the country’s economic growth and structural reforms.

Man kills wife over Facebook posting

A man has been jailed for life for stabbing his wife to death over a posting she made on the social networking site Facebook.

Economy Minister offers EM representative in RFP to resolve conflicts of interests found by CPCB within the Board

Economy Minister Daniels Pavluts has asked the representative of Economy Ministry (EM) in the Board of Riga Free port Girts Greiskalns to evaluate the information found by the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) about multiple cases of conflicts of interests and take necessary steps in accordance with the rest of members of the Board to review these issues within the Board.

Nokia cuts price of Lumia 900 by half

One of Nokia's flagship Windows Phone-powered smartphones is to see its price cut by half. The phone giant maintains the move is a «normal strategy.»

Microsoft plans to create its own news portal

The Microsoft Corporation has sold its share of news portal. Now, the largest software developer in the world plans to develop a personal news portal.

KPMG: innovations in cloud computing and mobile technology will change everyday life

The most important technological innovations that will alter the behaviour of people and the usual working style of companies not only in Latvia, but around the world are expected in cloud computing* and in the segment of mobile communications.

July 16 in Pictures

BNN offers to take a look at the most interesting, the most scandalous and simply the most beautiful pictures of the day.

Merkel wants to retain her post as Chancellor of Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed her intention to become the candidate of the Christian Democratic Union on the 2013 elections and retain her post of Chancellor.

Daily joke: Silent treatment

A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment.

Barclays: Libor scandal will affect other banks

Senior managers at Barclays have warned staff in an internal memo that the Libor scandal will envelop other banks.

Economic calendar of Latvia. July 16 – 20, 2012

Calendar of political events in Latvia July 16 – 20, 2012.

Political calendar of Latvia. July 16 – 20, 2012

Calendar of political events in Latvia July 16 – 20, 2012.

The number of Latvian travellers increases

The number of travellers increased ever since 2010 – two years ago, a bit more than 58% of Latvian residents planned trips to local or foreign destinations, while this year this number is two thirds of Latvian residents (66%).

French radical party to sue Madonna

French radical right-wing party National Front is planning to sue pop-star Madonna for the video which was showed during her performance in Paris outskirts on July 14.

PHOTO: Zombies gather in annual festival

Annual Zombie Walk has just rounded up in the US city of San Diego

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