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Friday 24.01.2020 | Name days: Krišs, Eglons, Ksenija

Women lazier than men, global survey suggests

Women may have higher IQs and longer lives than men, but a new study shows that they are also lazier.

How Latvians spend their vacations

Latvian residents usually spend their vacations while travelling around the country, or working in their gardens, or making repairs to their homes, observations of K-rauta store chain state. It is noted that people tend to make repairs within the premises of one home.

An elevator to the bottom of Daugava River - reality or fiction?

In order to isolate the famous Staburags Cliff for inspection, engineer Jānis Jermancāns proposes to limit Daugava River with a concrete fold. Meanwhile, underwater archaeologist Voldemārs Rains plans to descend to the bottom of the river using an elevator with a transparent tunnel.

Video: Bear goes shopping

People were evacuated from the Sears department store in Pennsilvania, USA, after a bear had got inside through the automatic doors.

Reform Party Deputy Chairman: the changes in the Saeima are a great achievement

«When speaking of the legendary story of how the dissolution of the Saeima was initiated, I can only say that my role in this is very overrated,»- notes Reform Party Deputy Chairwoman Sandra Sondore-Kukule.

Obama warns Syria

US President Barack Obama has warned Syria's President Bashar al-Assad that his government will be held accountable if it uses chemical weapons.

Moody’s cuts Germany’s outlook

The international rating agency Moody’s Investors Service cut Germany’s outlook from stable to negative on July 23.

Photo: Million dollar «superyachts» arrive in London

Many of the world's richest people are planning to stay in London during the Olympic Games, and some of them are arriving by their giant luxury vessels.

Research: the richest of the rich are hiding no less than 21 trillion dollars in offshores

No less than 21 trillion dollars were hidden on bank accounts of the super-rich global elite in different offshore areas in the end of 2010, as it is said in the research that was carried out in accordance with the order of the Tax Justice Network, which specializes in combating tax avoidance.

Miami beach fashion gallery

Every year, Miami gathers designers that specialize specifically in beach fashion on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

July 23 in pictures

BNN offers to take a look at the most interesting, the most scandalous and simply the most beautiful pictures of the day.

Daily joke: God Meets Bureaucracy

In the beginning God Created heaven and the earth. Quickly he was faced with a class action suit for failure to file an environmental impact statement. He was granted a temporary permit for the project, but was stymied with the Cease and Desist order for the earthly part. Appearing at the hearing, God was asked why he began his earthly project in the first place. He replied that he just liked to be creative.

Fishermen catch a crab with Bin Laden’s «image» on its carapace

The Canfields, an American family, accidentally filmed an unusual carapace of a crab, during their trip to catch some crabs, with an image on its carapace that looks not unlike the face of the now dead «Terrorist № 1».

Riga City Council plans to set up day and night security of Vanšu Bridge

To prevent any possibility of any person attempting to climb the cables of the Vanšu Bridge, Riga City Council plans to the cables with 1.5 m high fence of barbed wire, as well as organize day and night security of specific spots of the bridge.

The King of Spain pays dearly for the elephant hunt

During its assembly general, the Spanish branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) decided to cancel the sixth article of the organization’s charter, according to which «the president-founder and the honorary president of the organization is the King of Spain Juan Carlos I».

Estonians favour Finland when working abroad

Finland is the favourite foreign country for Estonians working or planning to work abroad. Finland is mentioned as an attractive option by 43 per cent of those who are ready to work outside of Estonia. Finland is followed by Germany and Sweden. England and Norway receive a positive response from 15 per cent of «willing to work abroad» Estonians.

Russian officials held over floods

Russian police have arrested three officials in the southern Krymsk region accused of failing to warn residents of disastrous flooding earlier this month.

Incident: hundreds of Australians receive text messages with threats

An enormous wave of calls struck the emergency hotline of the Australian Rescue Service on July 23. Calls are still coming in on the «000» phone number, as callers report receiving text messages containing threats that someone will kill them.

Political calendar of Latvia. July 23 – 27, 2012

Calendar of political events in Latvia July 23 – 27, 2012.

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