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Monday 30.03.2020 | Name days: Nanija, Ilgmārs, Igmārs

Video: French «Rollerman» rolls down Tianmen Mountain

Inventor of France's 31-wheel roller suit Jean-Yves Blondeau has successfully rolled down the 99 curves and zigzags of central China's Tianmen Mountain on Sunday, July 22.

Mayor advantages: Lembergs vs. cat

A cat has been elected as the Mayor of Talkitna, USA for the fifteenth time. This furry politician named Stubbs was first elected as the Mayor of Talkitna, with a population of 900 people, in 1997, when city residents thought that neither one of the offered candidates was fit for this post.

Economic calendar of Latvia. July 23 – 27, 2012

Calendar of economic events in Latvia July 16 – 20, 2012.

Gallery: the sixth Positivus festival

The sixth Positivus festival went with more than 100 performances of musicians. KEANE, Damien Rice, King Charles, The Vaccines, Instrumenti are but a few artists, whose performances on the Positivus festival will keep people talking for a long time, says Positivus Music representative Zane Peneze.

Norway remembers Utoeya and Oslo victims

Norway has commemorated one year since 77 people were killed and 242 hurt in gun and bomb attacks in Oslo and on the island of Utoeya.

Security doesn’t help: someone climbs the Vanšu Bridge again

In the morning of July 23, some 24-year-old man managed to climb the cable up to the top of the pylon of the bridge despite physical security around the Vanšu Bridge, State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) reports.

Recipe: Spicy coconut tiger shrimp

This weekend BNN offers a recipe for spicing up the summer.

Jelgava to have its own McDonald’s restaurant

McDonald’s plans to open its first restaurant in Jelgava in the end of 2012. This will be the second McDonald’s branch opening outside of Riga, which shows the company’s expansion plans for the regions.

Producer price increase continues to growl, as new risks are seen on the horizon

In June, producer price level increased on products realized on both the local and export markets. The largest upward impact on the level of producer prices was a rise in the prices of food products. The producer price level continues its downward trend and fell to 2.3% in June.

Fitch downgrades Nokia’s rating

On Friday, July 20, the international Fitch Ratings agency downgraded the credit rating of the Finnish Nokia mobile phone producer, explaining this step with the company’s inconclusive achievements.

Poll: TOP most reliable banks of Latvia

An absolute majority of Latvian residents believe Swedbank (65.2%) to be the most reliable bank of Latvia, followed by SEB Bank (53.3%) and DNB Bank (31.8%), as the results of the survey carried out by LETA agency in cooperation with the centre for public opinion research SKDS state.

Industry producer prices up 2.3%

In June 2012, compared to June last year, the level of producer prices in Latvian industry increased by 2.3%. Prices for products sold on the local market grew by 2.9%, and export - by 1.5%, the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia reports.

Protest demonstrations in 80 Spanish cities

Over 1.5 million people took part in the anti-government demonstrations in Spain. These protest acts took place in 80 Spanish cities on July 19. Country residents were opposing tax increase, reduction of unemployment benefits and the cancellation of bonuses for civil servants.

Finance Minister: the new support mechanism contributes to green energy production

Considering the big potential that Latvia has for the production of electrical energy based on renewable energy sources, the Finance Ministry (FM) will develop a new mechanism of state support for the further stable development of this industry.

Daily joke: Tie me up!

Two friends talking...

The first lady of Estonia runs two distances in the Olympic torch relay race

The wife of the President of Estonia – Evelin Ilves –, who participated in the relay race of the Olympic torch, ran two distances of 300 m, instead of one. «It was the roughest kilometre of my life,»- the first lady of Estonia shared her impressions.

Photos of the week, 2012.07.20.

Each Friday BNN-NEWS.COM offers the most interesting, the most scandalous and simply the most beautiful pictures from all over the world.

Citadele transfers 3.5 million LVL to the state as additional compensation

On Wednesday, July 18, Citadele Bank transferred 3.5 million LVL to the State Treasury as an additional compensation for the timely support the state offered in the past.

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