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Ceturtdiena 20.06.2019 | Name days: Rasa, Rasma, Maira

Children like to sing and dance outside of school

Most Latvian children go to dance (41%) and music (38%) circle groups outside of schools. The next most popular activities include art (22%) and foreign language study (20%).

Recipe for Latvian Mikelis Day - Lamb ragu

Today, September 29, Latvia celebrates Mikelis Day, which is the Autumn Solstice, when the sun turns towards winter, and day and night are the same length.

Economist: Latvia is ahead of other countries in the EU in terms of export

Latvian exporters are generally characterized with an ambitious and optimistic view on the future – 88% of Latvian export companies foresee a more active part on foreign markets. Also, every third company aims to increase its export volume at least by 20%.

Economists: do we spend too much money?

Even though the data compiled by the European Commission (EC) is regard to the mood of traders and consumers, the data of the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia on retail trade turnover raises concern in economists of Latvian banks.

Retail trade turnover up by 10%

Compared with July, the total turnover of retail trade companies at constant prices and seasonally adjusted data increased by 1% in August. The turnover of retail trade specializing in food products decreased by 1.7%, while the turnover of non-food products increased by 2.3%.

Photo: The world's best father

Titled The World's Best Father, Dave Engledow, from Tahoma Park, Maryland, can be seen posing alongside adorable two-year-old Alice Bee in a number of unlikely scenarios.

Vatican: papyrus fragment with Jesus' wife - fake

The Vatican newspaper has joined the doubts surrounding Harvard University's claim that a 4th century Coptic papyrus fragment shows that Jesus had a wife.

Photos of the week, 2012.09.28

Each Friday BNN-NEWS.COM offers the most interesting, the most scandalous and simply the most beautiful pictures from all over the world.

Government submits next year's budget to the Saeima

‘The next year's budget confirms the financial independence of our country because it was developed without the help of international creditors. It is the first budget that demonstrates growth – in 2012, Latvia managed to reach the development level that was projected by creditors for 2017,’ – Saeima Speaker Solvita Aboltina noted.

Ernst & Young: Latvia can complete all Euro introduction criteria

According to the latest macroeconomic survey – Eurozone Forecast –of Ernst & Young and Oxford Economics, Latvia will successfully complete the criteria for the introduction of Euro in Q4 of 2012.

Gobins: Judge Freimanis is not shy to execute orders of Ventspils oligarchs

On September 27, Riga District Court declined the written request of the Swiss Lawyer Rudolf Meroni and his associates regarding the abolition of the security of the claim in the argument between Ventbunkers and Global Oil Services Limited, which regards the property rights protection and claims for damages.

Average size of company car park – same as it was in 2005

During the recovery of the country’s economy, the average number of vehicles owned by any given company does not exceed one or two cars. The companies are currently developing their car park, but their maintenance costs are being strictly monitored.

Another shadow over Vitol - oil trade with Iran

It emerges that Swiss oil trader Vitol bought Iranian oil products, weakening Western efforts to limit Iran’s trade via sanctions. The company admits it allowed its Bahraini subsidiary to buy a cargo of fuel oil of Iranian origin in July, 2012.

Daily joke: Testifying

A witness to an automobile accident was testifying. The following exchange took place between the lawyer and the witness:

Spain imposes further austerity

Spain has revealed its austerity budget for 2013, with new spending cuts but protection for pensions.

State Police signs temporary contract with V-Traffic

After the negotiations that took place on September 27, speed camera supplier company V-Traffic (formerly known as Vitronic Baltica and partners) has agreed to sign a temporary contract with the State Police (SP) in order to make sure speed cameras are functioning without problems.

EU seeks sanctions against U.S. over Boeing

The European Union is asking the World Trade Organization to impose up to $12 billion per year in sanctions on the U.S. over government subsidies to plane-maker Boeing.

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