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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

Latvian National Opera to be managed by three Board members

On Thursday, January 31, the Saeima approved amendments to the Latvian National Opera Law, stating that the operation of LNO will now be secured by three Board members. The Culture Minister will be responsible for selecting and appointing Board members using an open contest system.

BL: Euro adoption to abolish the “devaluation phantom”

Once Latvia joins Eurozone, residents will eventually forget about the “devaluation phantom”, which makes otherwise reasonable citizens believe in rumours, notes Banks of Latvia economist Lyudmila Nola.

Russia concern at Israeli air strike on Syria

Russia has expressed concern at an alleged Israeli attack on Syria, saying such a strike would be an unacceptable violation of the UN Charter.

Aluksne's snow mantle thickness reaches 33 cm; Kurzeme has no snow at all

While it was snowing in Latvia's Eastern territories these past several days, which increased the thickness of the mantle of snow there, Kurzeme's snow has thawed completely during this time.

PHOTO: head-spinning free falls

Can a man truly fly? American photographer and performer Kerry Skarbakka tries to answer this questions.

Iran plans to upgrade uranium enrichment equipment

Iran has informed the International Atomic Energy Agency that it plans to upgrade uranium enrichment centrifuges, according to the United Nations.

January 31 in pictures

BNN offers to take a look at the most interesting, the most scandalous and simply the most beautiful pictures of the day.

PM: Eurozone will help Latvia become part of leading EU states

“Euro adoption, as a logical EU integration step, was planned in the agreement of Latvia's joining of the European Union. Unlike the “old” EU member states, Latvia has no so-called “opt-out” or reservations on not implementing a specific policy. The joining agreement provides for Latvia's joining of Eurozone as soon as the country meets all Maastricht criteria,” - notes PM Valdis Dombrovskis.

Saeima visitors centre is four years old: interesting facts

Ever since the opening of the Saeima visitors centre in 2009, more and more people come to visit. Before the times of the visitors centre, there were only 150 visitors per year, now there are more than 3 000.

Facebook profit down 79%

Strong earthquake hits central Chile

A magnitude-6.8 earthquake has struck central-northern Chile on Wednesday, January 30, shaking offices, toppling supermarket shelves and breaking windows.

European Cup in pictures: VEF Riga vs. Czech CEZ

On Wednesday, January 30, VEF Riga basketball club won the match against CEZ club of the Czech Republic for the right to be included in the quarter-finals of the European Cup.

160 hours of community service for Old Riga riots

The ruling of the Riga Regional Court in regard to Edgars Markots – one of the tried participants of the January 13, 2009 Old Riga riots. He is sentenced to 160 hours of community service.

BL: if Latvia was Britain, Euro adoption would not be on the agenda

Euro-sceptics have virtually no rational arguments, they are mostly emotional. The only thing that should be remembered and kept in mind, is that, as soon as Latvia adopts Euro, the situation in supermarkets needs will need to be kept under control. This means traders should have to opportunities to increase prices, says the head of the Bank of Latvia Ilmars Rimsevics.

Germany marks 80th anniversary of Hitler's rise

On the 80th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's rise to power, Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans to always fight for their principles and not fall into the complacency that enabled the Nazi dictator to seize control.

Photo: Tax collector prepares for Venetian Carnival

Marco Dilauro, 43, is a tax collector by day, but his real passion is making masks and costumes for the Venetian carnival.