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Ceturtdiena 20.06.2019 | Name days: Rasa, Rasma, Maira

Latvians consume more eggs than Lithuanians and Estonians during Easter

Latvian residents are the most voracious egg eaters during Easter, because nearly half of respondents (45%) consume more than four eggs during the period. Most (66%) of Estonian respondents only eat no more than four eggs. 37% of Lithuanians eat no more than two.

Latvia switches to summer time

Sunday, March 31, Latvia and other countries of the world will be switching to summer time. This means the clocks are to be set one hour forward.

Businessman: Estonian state should invest more to attract investors

The Estonian state should invest more money in the economy and borrow more because this would help to make Estonia more attractive to foreign investors, says Roberto de Silvestri, an Italian-born investor who lives in Estonia.

Security experts call residents not to reveal too much on social networks

The holidays are one of the most active periods for thieves. This is why security experts call residents to be careful when publishing information in social networks and leaving home to celebrate. Experts also recommend parents to talk to their children about staying safe while remaining outdoors.

BL: counterfeit money rates to rise after Euro adoption

After joining the Eurozone, the rate of counterfeit money is expected to rise in Latvia. Nevertheless, the situation will not be too dramatic, Bank of Latvia money technology department lead Andris Taurins predicts.

Nine new summer destinations from Riga Airport

In the new summer flight schedule the airlines offer six new scheduled and three charter flight destinations from Riga International Airport. Overall, flight frequency will increase by 24% compared with the winter season.

Retail trade turnover up by 5.7%

Compared to January 2013, total retail trade turnover in February 2013 reduced by 1.2%, according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices. Retail trade in food products decreased by 0.3%, whereas retail sale of non-food products – by 1.7%.

Income At Home, Herbalife, and the multi-billion pyramid

Barron Hansen is a self-employed web developer and researcher in San Diego. Like many people who work from home, he spends a lot of time alone in front of the computer, listening to talk radio. Over time, he began to notice that all of his favorite radio personalities seemed to be endorsing a business opportunity called Income At Home.

FVS uncovers two “fake” cheese cases in two weeks

The Food and Veterinary Service (FVS), while carrying out an inspection at one of the warehouses owned by Dekšņi in Tukums, discovered that markings of different cheese products imported from Poland and Lithuania were being replaced there. As a result – cheese products from those two countries turned into Holandes and Eden brand cheeses.

Daily joke: Jeremy's drink

A grasshopper walks into a bar.

PHOTO: Moscow Fashion Week

Russia's capital Moscow is holding its annual fashion week, during which local and foreign designers demonstrate their latest collections.

Minister: Krugman wrong to say euro is a trap

The benefits of joining the euro outweigh any costs for rescuing members in crisis, Lithuanian Finance Minister Rimantas Sadzius said, rejecting economist Paul Krugman’s view that the European currency is a trap.

What can the PM say about his party's ministers?

Recently, Prime Minister Valdis Dombbrovskis mentioned that Education Minister Roberts Kilis should review his work and communication style. However, what can the Prime Minister say about ministers from his own party?

Minister: Liepājas metalurgs should be saved through a shareholders meeting

AS Liepājas metalurgs (LM) should be saved through a shareholders meeting, not a government gathering; especially given that the enterprise requires a capital increase, Economy Minister Daniels Pavluts says.

Photos of the week, 2013.03.28

Each Friday BNN-NEWS.COM offers the most interesting, the most scandalous and simply the most beautiful pictures from all over the world.

Cyprus banks reopen under tight security

Having been closed for nearly two weeks, Cypriot banks are to reopen today, March 28, amid security fear and risk of stampede. Armed police were on guard as lorries said to be loaded with cash arrived at the central bank.

Official: the PM should change his work style and start leading the coalition

If Valdis Dombrovskis is, indeed, the head of the government, then I call him to change his work style and act as a leader should. He should unite the team of ministers, not break it apart. Discuss the disputes within the coalition, not use public criticism against ministers, believes Reform Party's Saeima faction's Chairman Vyacheslav Dombrovskis.

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