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Ceturtdiena 20.06.2019 | Name days: Rasa, Rasma, Maira

Survey: 38% of respondents approve of the creation of a united Baltic army

38% of Latvia's economically active residents aged 18 to 55 believe there should be a united Baltic army, as stated by the results of a recent survey held be TNS and 900 seconds programme of LNT.

The minting process of Latvian euro coins begins

Wednesday, July 31 marks the beginning of the minting process of Latvia's euro coins in Germany, as the Bank of Latvia mentioned in its recent Twitter post.

Economic confidence of eurozone improves

The economic confidence index has increased in the 17-state monetary union reaching its highest level since April 2012, results of European Commission's survey show.

Baltics, Finland and Poland reach an agreement about Rail Baltica joint enterprise

Representatives of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Poland have reached an agreement during their recent meeting regarding the creation of Rail Baltica joint enterprise, Latvian media report with reference to Postimees Online.

Daily Joke: Unexpected Turn of Events

The fishing season hasn't opened and a fisherman who doesn't have a license, is casting for trout as a stranger approaches and asks...

PHOTO: Riga Restaurant Week commences

Opening the Summer Riga Restaurant Week this Tuesday, July 13, thirteen of the best Latvian chefs and artist Elita Patmalniece created unique works of art using different food products. Starting August 5 the best restaurants of Riga will open their doors for all gourmets.

Who owns copyrights to «Happy Birthday to You»?

The birthday song so common in the Western world has been copyrighted since 1934. The large royalties for its public playback and performance have gone to several publishing companies over the years.

Minister: support for CHP plants was never historically coordinated with EC

Support for CHP plants in Latvia was never coordinated with the European Commission (EC). This is something the Economy Ministry has been heavily criticized for by producers of renewable energy. As said by Economy Ministry Daniels Pavluts, the support for CHP plants was not coordinated the same way as it was for producers of renewable energy.

Government estimates the ministries' requirements for the next state budget

The Latvian Cabinet of Ministers has reviewed the report regarding the ministries' planned activities for 2014, 2015 and 2016. The total amount of additional funding requested by ministries and other institutions of the central government for 2014 is estimated at LVL 572.8 million. That of 2015 is LVL 754.7 million and LVL 961.5 million for 2016.

Government significantly cuts support of large CHP plants

The Latvian Cabinet of Ministers has adopted amendments to the Regulations Regarding Electricity Production and Price Determination Upon Production of Electricity in Cogeneration. Amendments call to significantly reduce the subsidies for large CHP plants that have an energy output above 4 MW.

How many piranhas could eat a person in 5 min?

A view exists that a gang of piranhas poses danger to other animals, including humans. So how large the gang should be to eat a grown-up man in few minutes?

Latvian government finally approves the re-emigration plan

The Latvian government has finally approved the long-discussed re-emigration plan proposed by the Economy Ministry for 2013-2016.

EU's representative unable to reach Egypt compromise after carnage

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton met with leaders of Egypt's interim government and the Muslim Brotherhood on July 29 hoping to keep the sides from more bloodshed.

Latvia plans to stop the African swine fever by building a fence along the border

One of the measures that are called to help limit the distribution of the dangerous African swine fever from Russia and Belarus will be the construction of a protective fence along the border. This will prevent the carriers of the infection – wild boars – to cross the border and carry the infection to Latvia. The construction of the fence is planned to be funded by the EU.

Municipalities in Estonia consider renovation of «ghettos»

Rundown town districts in north-east Estonia could be rebuilt with EU structural funds, Estonian Ministry of the Interior has suggested.

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