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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

European Union's unemployment level remains at 11%

European Union's seasonally adjusted unemployment level was 11% this September. Therefore, it did not change since August.

Nearly 16% of fast loan takers miss their payments for more than 180 days

Even though there was a gradual reduction in the volume of issued fast loans in the first half of 2013, 46% of the total amount of LVL 147,136 million was comprised of fast loans.

Reform Party: Economic Development Fund will contribute to Latvia's economy

“Economic Development Fund will become an instrument to allow funds collected from residence permit issue to be used to contribute to the development of the country's economy,” - notes the head of Reform Party Edmunds Demiters.

Saeima decides to limit the issue of residence permits to foreigners

In order to introduce quotas on the issue of residence permits in exchange for the purchase of real estate property and prohibit the issue of residence permits to foreigners in exchange for purchase of real estate property in the form of agricultural land or forests, Latvia's Saeima adopted amendments to the Immigration Law in the final reading.

Latvians work nearly five time more than Danes to afford to drive 100 km by car

Considering average income and average purchasing power in the country, Latvians work four and a half times longer than Danes in order to afford 100 km worth of fuel.

Earth-like planet discovered

Astronomers have discovered a planet with the combination of rock and metallic ores similar to that of the Earth. The planet also orbits around a star similar to the Sun, but its surface is very, very hot.

Daily joke: science strikes again

Two atoms are walking down the street. Says one atom to the other, “Hey! I think I lost an electron!”

Natural History's Museum presents pumpkin parade

Latvia's Natural History Museum will be holding its traditional Pumpkin for your health 2013 exhibition until November 3. Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes will be available to see. The museum's cafe, on the other hand, will offer all visitors all kinds of pumpkin meals.

Poor man Krasovickis can afford a business class flight to Frankfurt

Former owner of Parex bank Viktor Krasovickis, who is currently so poor that he cannot afford to pay the court fee, left for Frankfurt via business class flight of Lufthansa this Wednesday morning. The ticket cost him at least LVL 500.

Song and Dance Celebration may be reformed with annual events

Latvia's Song and Dance Celebration could end up being reformed by introducing annual events or having the celebration last for a whole month. Such proposals were voiced during the “Song and Dance Celebration for Latvia's 100th anniversary” conference this Wednesday.

Facebook shows remarkable increase in ad revenue

The third quarter financial results of Facebook Inc. show a 66% growth in revenue generated by mobile advertising. The firm’s management has also irritated stock holders by saying it is not planning to include more ads in user newsfeed.

Saeima to decide on changes to state child care system

Thursday, October 31, Saeima will decide on amendments to State Social benefits Law and Law on maternity and sickness insurance. Amendments that will be discussed provide for changes to child care benefits and parent benefit calculation.

Future pensioners’ retirement fund capital has increased by 13 million

Over the course of Q3 2013, 2nd level pension capital of future pensioners had increased by LVL 12 million. That of 3rd level pension level had increased by LVL 1.2 million, according to the overview of pension funds compiled by Association of Commercial Banks of Latvia.

Latvia’s retail trade turnover up by 2.1%

Compared to August, total retail trade turnover in September 2013 has remained unaffected, according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices. Retail trade in food products has reduced by 1.2%, whereas of non-food products grown by 0.8%.

Auto asociācija: bus procurement project in Riga ignores pollution limits

“Most of the performed state and municipal transport and public transport procurement projects clearly show the lack of knowledge, competency and understanding of procurement practice and related regulations of the European Union,” – believes president of Auto asociācija Andris Kulbergs.

Zoo Expo 2013 to present all kinds of furry animals

Throughout November 9-10 Kipsala International exhibition centre will be holding the international Zoo Expo 2013. One section of the exhibition centre will feature dogs and all kinds of related products and services. The other section will house cats, ferrets, rabbits, birds, a variety of decorative rodents and other animals.

Daily joke: birthday misunderstandings

For his birthday, I gave my son an iPhone...