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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

December 31 – January 1 public transport services are free of charge

Throughout December 31 and January 1, residents will be able to use public transport services free of charge. This does not apply to minibus and night routes.

All road traffic to be closed off at November 11 Waterfront for New Year’s celebration

Due to the New Year’s celebration, all traffic along November 11 Waterfront will be closed off for 06:00 December 31 – 15:00 January 1. This applies to all transport except for those with special permission.

Programme of events for New Year’s Eve and January 1 in Riga

Residents of Riga and guests of the capital and invited to come celebrate New Year’s at November 11 Waterfront, where there will be all kinds of musical, dance and DJ shows throughout the night 21:45-03:00.

130 portraits of Valdis Dombrovskis were sent to private collectors this year

A total of 130 portraits of Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis complete with his signature were sent to private collectors in 2013.

Lithuania concludes its presidency over the European Council

The last couple of days that mark New Year’s also mark the end of Lithuania’s presidency over the European Council.

SFRS provides useful advice how to have a safe New Year’s celebration

If you plan to use different fireworks in your New Year’s celebration, remember to:

Information regarding President Andris Bērziņš health to be provided within the month

The request to provide information on the current state of health of President Andris Bērziņš has been received and will be reviewed, as reported by the State President’s Chancellery. However, representatives could not explain why a whole month is required to provide a reply to such a simple question.

Reform Party: cooperation with Unity may lead to our parties becoming closer

The agreement that was reached between Unity and Reform Party will not lead to the latter end up being liquidating. It will only make the two parties closer to one another, says Chairman of RP Edmunds Demiters.

Latvian State Auditor hopes to uproot lawlessness at Riga Freeport

Latvian State Auditor Elita Krūmiņa hopes it will be possible to uproot the lawlessness of Riga Freeport in the future.

Daily joke: who did what and when

The mother was furious...

Head of CPCB to be asked to cancel his decision to dismiss Juta Strīķe

The trade union of Latvia’s Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau will ask Chief of CPCB Yaroslav Strenchenok to cancel his decision to dismiss Deputy Chief of CPCB Juta Strīķe.

Lithuania continues heating pipeline modernisation

Lithuanian Ministry of Economics has allocated European Union funding in the amount of 7.8 million euros to heating network rebuilding works throughout the country, ELTA, LETA and Baltic Course write.

India-detained Estonian seamen released on bond

In Southern India, 14 Estonian «pirate hunters» detained in October have been freed on bond, but without permission to leave the country.

Opinion: elections could make it that there may not be a foreign policy to speak of next year

Because of the upcoming elections in Latvia next year, there may not be a foreign policy to speak of, says Director of Latvian Institute of International Affairs Andris Sprūds.

Officials request fines not to be applied to consumers whose solvency was not evaluated

Economy Minister Daniels Pavļuts and Consumer Rights Protection Centre manager Baiba Vītoliņa have sent an official letter to fast loan companies and their associations, asking not to apply fines to consumers if their solvency wan not evaluated properly prior to allocating a loan.

Several destructive storms have affected UK in one week

Meteorologists in the Britain have warned about coming storms just days after strong winds and heavy rainfall left 43,000 people without electricity and 1,200 homes flooded.