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Ceturtdiena 21.03.2019 | Name days: Una, Unigunde, Dzelme, Benedikts

New Year’s Eve of 2013 – the most profitable since the end of the crisis

This New Year’s Eve was the most profitable once in Latvia for organizers of festive events, restaurants and hotels since the end of the crisis, as it was confirmed by interviewed organizers.

In pictures: New Year's celebrations from around the globe

BNN congratulates readers in the year 2014 and offers an insight into New Year's celebrations from Beijing, Moscow, New York and other places.

Latvians are in no hurry to withdraw euro from ATMs

Residents have not been rather active in regard to money withdrawal from ATMs one day after Latvia’s joining of Eurozone. Citadele Banka reports residents withdrew three times less money from ATMs on January 1 than any other day.

Fiat to buy remaining Chrysler stock

Italian car company Fiat has reached an agreement on acquiring the remaining 41% of Chrysler stock. With the deal Fiat-Chrysler would become 7th largest automakers company in the world.

Latvian PM hopes a new government will be formed within two or three weeks

‘I hope the new government will start working within the next two or three weeks,’ – said Valdis Dombrovskis, who had announced his resignation shortly after the Zolitude tragedy.

Solvency of fast loan takers will now be reviewed more carefully

Following the guidelines approved by the Consumer Rights Protection Centre, non-banking loan service providers will be obligated to perform more thorough checks of their customers’ solvency starting 2014. This new order clearly states the type of information non-banking fast loan service providers are to request from customers.

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