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Ceturtdiena 20.06.2019 | Name days: Rasa, Rasma, Maira

Latvian pensioners plan massive protests in the country

Latvian Federation of Pensioners plans to hold protest acts all over Latvia on March 13th. This is being planned in response to the government’s decisions that will worsen the quality of life for Latvia’s residents.

Spring weather expected to come to Latvia this weekend

There are no significant changes expected to come to Latvia’s weather condition in the next seven days – cloudy days will come and go along with partially sunny ones. Some rain and wet snow is also expected.

Construction costs in Latvia up 0.5%

In January 2014, the level of construction costs in Latvia reduced by 0.2%. Labour remuneration of workers dropped by 2.7% if compared to December.

Latvia will reduce its military presence in Afghanistan

‘In accordance with the upcoming changes to our objective, Latvia will reduce its military presence in Afghanistan by the end of the year. We are prepared to participated in a new training mission in 2015 if we manage to reach an agreement with Afghanistan on the status of armed forces in this country,’ – said Latvia’s Defence Minister Raimonds Vejonis.

Daily joke: kids these days

Mother: 'Are you talking back to me?!'

Specialists: asthma may conquer half of Europe in the near future

Even though Latvia experiences gradual spread of asthma, many people who suffer from cough and shortness of breath still refuse to turn to doctors. They do not know that these symptoms are often the case for this chronic disease, as concluded by medical experts.

Up to 30% of world's food gets thrown away

A new study by UN's World Bank estimates that up to a third of the food produced globally is wasted. Most gets thrown away in industrialised Asia. The report found that about 52 percent of losses in Europe occur during the consumption stage — when we bring food home and then leave it to rot (or throw it out too soon). 23% are wasted in production stage, but 12% during handling and storage.

African swine fever will not affect Riga Central Market

In spite of the fluctuations in the pork market caused by the spread of African swine fever, Riga Central Market has not been impacted by any changes in demand, as reported by Chairman Anatoly Abramov.

Thousand baby traffickers arrested in China

With Chinese police tackling child trafficking gangs, 1094 persons have been arrested and 382 children freed, state media report on February 28.

National Alliance leaders to participate in EP elections - Zīle, Broka and Kols

National Alliance 'All For Latvia!' – 'For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK' has approved its list of candidates to participate in the European Parliament elections. The National Alliance’s current MPE Roberts Zīle will be the first on the list, followed by Justice Minister Baiba Broka and Culture Ministry’s parliamentary secretary Rihards Kols.

Zolitude tragedy’s investigation to be one of Straujuma’s main priorities

Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma’s led Cabinet of Ministers, NGOs, social and cooperation partners have developed a Government Action Plan. One of the plan’s priorities includes the investigation of the tragedy in Zolitude.

Economic growth to speed up in Estonia, European Commission says

Increase in export demand and investment would stimulate faster growth in Estonian economy in 2014-2015, European Commission predicts.

Nearly half of Latvia’s population believe accepting UGF into the government will do nothing

46% of Latvia’s economically active residents believe the presence of the Union of Greens and Farmers has not improved the overall quality of the work done by the government.

EPRDM state secretary refuses to comment his dismissal

State secretary to Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry Aleksandr Antonov refuses to comment on the reasons for minister Einārs Cilinskis’ decision to dismiss him from his post for the duration of the disciplinary case.

February 28th – last chance to exchange lats for euro in Eurozone countries

Friday, February 28th, is the last day when central banks of 17 Eurozone member states will exchange lats for euro.

Unrest continues in Venezuela; resignation of Maduro demanded

Unrest in Venezuela continues after 14 people have died and 712 have been arrested in February. Protesters demand resignation of President Nicolas Maduro and his opponents are not keen to take part in talks.

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