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Ceturtdiena 20.06.2019 | Name days: Rasa, Rasma, Maira

Weather in Latvia to be cold and snowy this week

The first week of April will be colder than the last week of March in Latvia. A cold atmospheric front will cross the country, bringing along with it colder masses of air.

Vaidere: Russia does not respect the weak that stand by and merely watch

'Latvia's only true power is the EU and NATO, not some separate policy aimed at satisfying the aggressor. When condemning Russia and introducing economic sanctions against it, it is important to keep in mind that lives of people and independence of a country have a much higher value than possible economic losses,' - said deputy of European Commission for Foreign Affairs Inese Vaidere.

Russia's actions confirm the doctrine that governs the formation of a 'Russian' world

By ignoring international norms and regulations, Russia has completely ruined the current security system on the European continent, which was formed after the Cold War, as noted at the Latvian Defence Ministry.

Daily joke: call a doctor

A man calls his family doctor: 'Doctor, for the last week my wife has thought that...

Latvia's defence budget has been growing only on paper

The country's allegedly growing budget has only been like that on paper over the course of the past several years. In reality, however, the highest point of Latvia's defence budget – 1.6% of the country's GDP – was reached in 2008. It was achieved by including millions of expenses that were not directly related to defence in any way.

Weekly horoscope (31.03 – 06.04): spot the changes!

BNN presents a weekly horoscope for March 31st – April 6th.

Economic calendar of Latvia. March 31 to April 4, 2014

Economic calendar of Latvia. March 31 to April 1, 2014...

Political calendar of Latvia. March 31 – April 4, 2014

Political calendar of Latvia. March 31 - April 4, 2014...

SIA Vaide: EU sanctions against Russia may impact Latvian clothes manufacturers

The improvement of the economic situation in the country and the rise in residents’ purchasing power in the last couple of years could be a good reason for residents to seek alternatives for cheap products from Eastern Asia and start paying more attention to quality of the goods they buy, says Vaide marketing department manager Marina Grinina.

Weekends in Latvia to be sunny and cold

The warm masses of air that entered Latvia in the middle of this week will gradually fade on Friday, March 28th. With that, cold masses of air will be carried by northern winds to Latvia. A similar situation will remain during the weekends – the sky will be sunny and clear, but air temperature will be low.

Prior to ECB meeting, euro value reaches lowest point in three weeks

With the General Council meeting of the European Central Bank coming in less than a week, euro value against U.S. dollar has reached its lowest point in March.

The first special design of 2 euro coin will be dedicated to Riga

The first special edition 2 euro coin design will be dedicated to Riga as Europe’s Cultural Capital of 2014. The coin will feature a beautiful view of Old Riga.

More than one-third of Latvia’s residents prefer vodka without additives

39% of Latvia’s population consumes vodka without additives. 33% of residents prefer to mix it in different cocktails. 15% say they do not drink vodka at all, according to survey data by Klondaika entertainment and recreation complex.

Daily joke: excuses

'Kenny!' exclaimed his mother, 'You must not…simply must not pull the cat’s tail!'

Second attempt to oust pro-Kremlin Mayor of Tallinn fails in one week

In Tallinn City Council, the latest motion to hold a no-confidence vote against Mayor Edgar Savisaar has been rejected. Savisaar has been among few Estonian politicians to describe events in Ukraine from a Kremlin perspective.

Thieves shift their attention from cars to car wheels

This year’s car thieves’ activity was not limited to only steeling mirrors, something owners of BMW cars usually experience quite a lot. The beginning of 2014 was marked with an increase in the number of cases when thieves stole wheels of different cars.

Turn off lights for Earth Hour!

On Saturday, March 29th, residents of Latvia are encouraged to turn off all lights and electrical appliances for one hour at 20:30-21:30. This is part of the Earth Hour event. It is meant to attract attention to climate change and effective use of natural resources.

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