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Wednesday 17.07.2019 | Name days: Aleksejs, Aleksis

Latvijas Balzams releases a limited edition souvenir packaging of Riga Black Vodka

One of Riga’s loveliest art nouveau buildings at Elizabetes Street 10b (M. Eisenstein, 1903) has found reflection in the special, limited edition souvenir packaging of Riga Black Vodka. This souvenir box is dedicated to Riga - the European Capital of Culture 2014, and its design highlights the lovely adornment of our city - the art nouveau heritage.

U.S. sends surveillance planes to Nigeria to search for kidnapped girls

The U.S. has announced it has sent surveillance planes to northern Nigeria, to search for more than 200 girls kidnapped by Islamist extremist group Boko Haram.

RP: consolidation of right-wing parties is necessary

‘Right now we need to use all of our known methods to achieve a pragmatic and close cooperation of right-centrist political forces in order to overcome challenges in social, economic and security matters,’ – says Chairman of Reform Party Vyacheslav Dombrovskis.

Weather in Latvia to become warmer this week

Weather in Latvia will be dictated by a cyclone at the beginning of this week. Skies will clear only for short periods of time. Rainfall is expected. Latvia’s eastern parts will experience volumes of precipitation equal to more than half of the norm for the ten-day period.

Thousands of protesting teachers ‘paralyse’ road traffic in Riga

It is likely there will not be a rapid growth of teachers’ salaries, said Education and Science Minister Ina Druviete during her meeting with protesting teachers this Monday, May 12th.

Inflation in Latvia up 0.7%

The average consumer price level rose by 0.7% in April 2014. Prices of goods did not change, while prices of services grew by 2.6%. Compared to the previous 12 months, the average consumer price level increased 0.1% over the last 12 months.

Daily joke: wisdom

What’s the smartest thing a man can say?

Environmental Minister turns against Antane’s colleague in Ventspils Freeport Board

Following the dismissal of Inga Antāne form her post as representative of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry in the Board of Riga Freeport, minister Romāns Naudiņš plans to perform changes in the Board of Ventspils Freeport.

Programme of events of Shakespeare festival in Riga

Throughout May 16th – 20th, Shakespeare festival will be held in Latvia. This special event is organized in order to celebrate Shakespeare’s jubilee. The ‘Shakespeare 450’ programme of events in Riga includes a video contest of youngsters, a multimedia exhibition, lectures and discussions, theatrical shows, films and other activities.

Weekly horoscope (May 12th – 18th): think twice

BNN presents a weekly horoscope for May 12th – 18th.

Political calendar of Latvia. May 12 - 15, 2014

Calendar of political events in Latvia for May 12 - 15...

Gold prices to drop further this week

Gold prices this week are expected to decrease further as global macroeconomic environment and technical factors remain unfavourable.

Economic calendar of Latvia. May 12 - 17, 2014

Economic calendar of Latvia. May 12 - 17 2014...

Urbanovich denied access to official secrets due to his ties with Russian political technologists

Prior to the 11th Saeima elections Harmony Centre had used services provided by Russian political technologists, which may have cost several thousand lat. This cooperation was coordinated by one of the party’s leaders Janis Urbanovichs.

Latvian MEPs are guaranteed pensions of EUR 1,000

Latvian MEPs will all receive an additional amount of EUR 1,000 to their retirement pensions. Those who were elected to the parliament repeatedly will receive an even larger additional amount.

Aggression against Ukraine: Separatists announce victory in referendum deemed illegal by Kyiv and Europe

In Ukrainian eastern Donetsk Oblast, pro-Russian separatists have announced that 89% ballots have been cast in favour of the self-rule of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk.