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Ceturtdiena 20.06.2019 | Name days: Rasa, Rasma, Maira

Drivers to be charged entry fee when driving to Jurmala

From April 1st to September 30th, all drivers entering administrative territory of Jurmala city will have to pay a fee of EUR 2. Electric cars, on the other hand, are allowed to enter the resort city free of charge.

PHOTO: Ten of the most expensive cars available in Latvia in 2014

Nearly two million euro – such is the price of the latest models of the most expensive cars registered in Latvia in 2014. According to information from, only a couple of truly luxurious cars had been registered in Latvia last year. It is unlikely that the majority of these cars will remain in Latvia for long – they will be exported to Western Europe.

Lithuania: Russia is trying to make us vulnerable and reliant

Russia’s efforts to influence its neighbouring states, including Lithuania, have increased since 2014. In order to accomplish this goal, Russia employs all kinds of political, military, diplomatic, economic and other measures, said Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite’s chief advisor for matters of national security Valdemars Sarapins.

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Altum allocated EUR 48 million to Latvian businessmen last year

Latvian Financial Development Institution Altum had allocated a total of EUR 48.1 million as state financial support to Latvian entrepreneurs in 2014. This allowed Altum to provide support to more than 1,200 business development projects.

Rescuers receive 13 calls because of stormy wind in Latvia; rescue efforts continue

Because of stormy wind in Latvia, State Fire and Rescue Service had received numerous calls for assistance yesterday. In Seven cases rescuers were called in to cut up and remove tree branches and entire trees to remove road blockages. In one case, a tree needed to be removed from the roof of a kiosk in Riga.

69% of economically active residents in Latvia read comments on social networks

The majority of economically active residents in Latvia aged 18 to 55 read comments other internet users post on the Internet.

Bondars sees his chances of becoming presidents as positive; Berzins remains quiet

Leader of Latvian Regional Alliance Martins Bondars remains the only officially proposed presidential candidate at the moment. He believes he has good chances of being elected, as reported by

Strelchenok: Strīķe comes to work, but does nothing

Chief of Latvia’s Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau Yaroslav Strelchenok is certain the former deputy chief Juta Strīķe only comes to work for show and does not carry out her duty. This is why he says he is collecting evidence of this in order to turn to the court and request her dismissal, as reported by

Ryanair will no longer charge security fee to passengers at Riga Airport

Ryanair low-cost airline has announced that starting April 1st it will no longer charge security fees to passengers at Riga International Airport.

Saeima deputies spend nearly EUR 10,000 on a trip to Vietnam

Saeima deputies Gundars Daudze from the Union of Greens and Farmers, Sergei Mirski from Harmony, Solvita Aboltina from Unity and head of the Saeima Inter-Parliamentary Relations Office Sandra Paura have been on an official visit to Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi since last Thursday.

Meteorologists predict snowy Easter in Latvia

This week, active cyclones will bring about cloudy and precipitation-rich weather to Latvia. On Monday, March 30th, most of Latvia’s territory will experience snowfall, including wet snow. Wind speed is also expected to rise.

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Daily joke: eat your fruits

Q: What did the green grape say to the purple grape?

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PHOTO: SAS returns to Riga International Airport after several years of absence

This Sunday, March 29th, Scandinavian Airlines SAS returned to Latvia’s market with offers of direct flight connectivity between Riga and Stockholm. The airline offers 18 flights per week between these two cities: three flights on weekdays and up to two flights on weekends.

Latvian and Estonian tourists injured in bus crash in Turkey

On March 29th, a bus carrying Estonian and Latvian tourists crashed in Turkey. An Estonian woman died in that accident.

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