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Economic calendar of Latvia. 11th – 15th May, 2015

Calendar of economic events in Latvia for 11th – 15th of May, 2015...

Weekly horoscope (11.05 – 17.05): emotions go overboard

BNN presents a weekly horoscope for 11th May – 17th May…

Estonia opposes EU migrant quota plan

Estonia, Hungary and Slovakia do not support European Commission's upcoming proposal for introducing a quota system to distribute migrants across its member states, German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) reported in the weekend.

UGF will try reaching an agreement on presidential candidate without internal vote

This Monday, 11 May, members of the board of the Union of Greens and Farmers will try to reach an agreement on the party’s presidential candidate without an internal vote, as reported by

Russia tries to restore contact with former KGB agents in Baltic States

This week, Head of the National Security Committee of the Lithuanian parliament announced that it is within Russia’s interest to come back into contact with its former KGB agents in Lithuania. Lithuanian Special Services are aware of multiple cases when Russian spies came into contact with their former colleagues in order to recruit them.

Gun battle in Macedonia leaves 22 people dead

The Balkan state Macedonia has announced its police have killed a group of Albanian «terrorists» in a gun battle that has lasted for a day and left 22 people dead.

In Polish Presidential election, second round is to be held

In the first round of the Polish presidential election held on Sunday, May 10, leader is conservative candidate Andrzej Duda, but the winner is expected to be established in a run-off, an exit poll shows.

More than half of Latvians will spend up to EUR 10 on Mother’s Day

Mothers and grandmothers can expect lush bouquets of flowers to be given to them by their loved ones this Sunday, 10 May. More than 55% of Latvians plan to spend up to EUR 10 on Mother’s Day.

Latvia celebrates Europe Day

In celebration of Europe Day on 9 May, Latvia organizes a European festival. This event features contests and prizes. Visitors will be able to find out many interesting facts, meet with European experts and ask them questions about Europe.

Nearly 200 people come to Brothers Cemetery to commemorate victims of WWII

This Friday, 8 May, around 200 people gathered at the Brothers Cemetery to lay flowers in commemoration of victims of WW II.

Daily joke: lively visitors

A husband and wife are in church. The preacher notices that the husband has fallen asleep and says to the wife, «Wake your husband up!»

Photo: fabulous tulip fields in Holland

Although the origin of tulips is Central Asia, they were carried to Holland in the 16th century. They have since become very popular there.

Drunken Latvian fisherman causes rescue operation off coast of UK

Off the coast of south-western UK, a drunken Latvian fisherman sparked a rescue effort as he set for the shore to call his girlfriend on Skype in Latvia.

Actual wages in Latvia and Estonia exceed pre-crisis level

In spite of economic growth, low inflation and wage growth, residents of Baltic States are in no hurry to spend their income on consumer goods. Instead, there has been an increase in deposits and long-term savings.

Domburs: coalition parties are fooling the nation

Parameters of the «right president» have no actual match. The statement «so that people would not be ashamed» is nothing short of masochistic. The search for the kind of showman «that knows how to look good and knows foreign languages» are simply too naïve, notes journalist Janis Domburs in regard to the qualities a President should ideally have.

Lithuania considers breaking promise on keeping KGB agent list secret

What if the state itself lacks credibility? Having vowed in 1999 to protect identity of former KGB agents, who had came forward and admitted their KGB affiliation, Lithuania has been sizzling, whether to break the promise and make the KGB informant list public.

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