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Wednesday 29.01.2020 | Name days: Valērijs, Aivars

Estonia's meat producer to export poultry products to Hong Kong

The leading meat processing company in Estonia - HKScan Estonia - has received approval to start exporting chilled and frozen poultry to Hong Kong, China.

Five large western banks to plead guilty for currency market manipulations

Five internationally leading banks have announced they would plead guilty in charges for manipulations in the foreign currency market.

Weekend destination: pink ribbon procession in Riga

A special event is organized every May in order to raise public awareness about breast health. Participants of the event traditionally put on pink ribbons to demonstrate their dedication and raise public awareness. This year’s procession will start at 14:30 near the Freedom Monument in Riga. This year’s route will be Freedom Monument – Arena Riga.

Aboltina: a large portion of Unity deputies are prepared to support Vejonis

A very large portion of Unity’s Saeima faction deputies are prepared to support the presidential candidate nominated by the Union of Greens and Farmers – Defence Minister Raimonds Vejonis, notes Unity leader Solvita Aboltina.

Russia reports of detaining Lithuanian spy

A Lithuanian citizen has been arrested on May 19 in Moscow under suspicion of illegal intelligence, Russia's Federal Security Service unveiled.

1,000 tons of tar remains to be extracted from Incukalns tar ponds

In order to complete the contract signed between Skonto buve and State Environmental Service, the former still has 1,000 tons of tar to extract from Incukalns tar ponds.

Provocative eco-installation urges to ask questions about food contents

This Wednesday, 20 May, a provocative environmental installation was set up on the intersection between Valnu Street and Kalku Street in Old Riga. The title of the installation is «Food without secrets».

Saeima committee supports new fast loan interest rates

This Wednesday, 20 May, Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee supported new proposals for limiting fast loan interest rates proposed by Latvian Economy Ministry.

History of Latvian chocolate in ten interesting facts

In celebration of the 145th birthday of Laima confectioneries factory, the company has compiled ten interesting facts about the history of chocolate in Latvia:

Russia: EU sanctions' opponents first in line to lifting ban on food exports

Cyprus, Greece and Hungary - countries that have criticised the sanctions imposed on Russia – would be first in line to see Russia's ban on food exports lifted against them if relations improve at the political level, head of food safety authority has said on Tuesday.

Estonian duo makes it to Eurovision finals

Estonian performers Elina Born and Stig Rästa have managed to enter the finals of Eurovision 2015 contest in Vienna.

PHOTO: Brainstorm present their latest album

We wanted to record new pieces for our new album «7 soļi svaiga gaisa», notes Brainstorm drummer Kaspars Roga.

Poroshenko points to «real war» with Russia

President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine has noted that Ukraine is currently in a «real war» with Russia and his country should prepare for Russia’s offensive.

Missing Lithuanian An-2 found at the bottom of Baltic Sea

This Tuesday, 19 May, Lithuanian Navy ship Kuršis M-54 located the Lithuanian civil An-2 aircraft, which went missing last Saturday, at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Bondars becomes the first officially nominated presidential candidate

This Tuesday, 19 May, Latvian Regional Alliance submitted an official nomination of Martins Bondars as the party’s chosen presidential candidate, as reported by

Survey in Latvia: corruption combating lags; financial accounting improves

Compared with more developed countries, Latvian business leaders admit there is a higher degree of corruption in the country’s economic environment.

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