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Friday 24.01.2020 | Name days: Krišs, Eglons, Ksenija

Saeima to discuss option to reduce VAT on heating for households

This Thursday, 14 May, the Saeima decided to ask the parliamentary Budget-Finance Committee to assess the possibility of reducing the rate of VAT on heating supply to households from 12% to 5%.

Euro value against U.S. dollar at highest point since February

The value of the single currency on Thursday, May 14, reached its highest level against the dollar since the start of European Central Bank's quantitative easing programme.

Daily joke: going up

Bob: «Whoah, I just fell off a 50 ft ladder.»

Latvia’s unemployment level drops to 8.8%

At the beginning of April 2015 there were 86,604 people registered with Latvian State Employment Agency. At the end of April, on the other hand, the number declined to 82,833. With that, the current number of unemployed persons in Latvia has decreased by 3,771 people or 4.3%.

Ranking: Basic school level of maths and sciences skills differs greatly among Baltic states

Although the three Baltic states are among the top 31 as regards the level of skills in maths and sciences of school children aged 15, the level of results differs significantly, according to a report by OECD on 76 countries of the world.

Kreituse: presidential elections are unlikely to resolve the «marriage» of Unity and UGF

According to political experts, the presidential elections should be viewed in the context of the balance of power in the government and established agreements among existing parties, as reported by

Erenpreiss bicycle café opens in Riga

This Thursday, 14 May, a special bicycle café owned by retail and restoration company Erenpreiss Original will open its doors in Riga at 17:00, as confirmed by the company’s head Toms Erenpreiss.

Latvian Saeima loses hope of electing the new President in the first stage

Seeing as how the ruling coalition in Latvia looks unable to reach an agreement in regard to a single presidential candidate, more and more people speak of losing hope of electing the next president in the first stage of elections.

Shadow economy in Latvia is nearly twice as large as it is in neighbouring countries

Compared with 2013, the volume of shadow economy in Latvia did not change much in 2014. In Lithuania and Estonia, on the other hand, the volume of shadow economy actually managed to decrease that year.

Construction production volumes suffer a decline in Latvia

Compared to Q1 2014, construction production volume had decreased by 0.1% in Latvia in Q1 2015.

Vejonis’ place as Defence Minister could be taken by Straume or Bergmanis

If Raimonds Vejonis becomes President of Latvia, it is entirely possible his place in the Defence Ministry will be taken by either the head of the State Fire and Rescue Service Aivars Straume or Saeima deputy Raimonds Bergmanis, according to unofficial information from LETA.

Boom FM: identity portfolio or integration options in Latvia

Radio portal Boom FM offers a discussion on the topic of integration and involvement in Latvia’s culture, motivating to think about the wide, open and complicated world we live in. A world in which private and humanitarian needs are closely tied with respectful coexistence of different values and propaganda aimed against people who believe in other values.

Aboltina allows for the possibility of a last minute presidential candidate

Current developments in the coalition in relation to the selection of presidential candidates could potentially lead to a last second announcement and rise in the role of the opposition, believes Unity leader Solvita Aboltina.

Photo: tulip beauty in the Latvian Museum of Natural History

A special tulip exhibition will remain open in the Latvian Museum of Natural History until 15 May. This exhibition is organized in cooperation with Riga Gardening and Bee-keeping Association. This massive exhibition offers nearly 400 different species of tulips on display.

Seven out of ten residents use the Internet in Europe

Nearly all residents use the Internet in Denmark. Internet in Estonia and Czech Republic is used on average by nine out of ten residents. In Latvia and Lithuania, the Internet is available to eight out of ten residents.

Estonian volunteers help 19 000 migrating amphibians cross roads

During the 2015 «Roads With(out) Frogs» campaign, a total of 19,185 frogs, toads and newts migrating to their breeding grounds were helped cross roads not to be run over by motorists.

Aminata has departed for Austria to represent Latvia in Eurovision

Latvia’s representative in Eurovision 2015 – Aminata – and her accompanying delegation departed for Vienna this Wednesday, 13 May. Rehearsals will begin shortly after their arrival.

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