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Friday 23.08.2019 | Name days: Valgudis, Ralfs, Vitālijs

Eight tourism locations in Latvia worth visiting this year

With Balttour 2016 drawing closer, Latvia’s regional tourism centres have selected eight locations worth visiting this year.

Video: Ever-green Super Mario filmed running round cake

Ah, the lovely video game character of Super Mario. Baker and pastry decorator Jami Behrends has put time and effort into baking this tasty stop-motion video that brings back memories of playing Super Mario in the 1990s.

Putin criticises Lenin’s policies and repressions, but regrets USSR lost territories

Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 25 voiced rare and strong criticism of the first leader of the USSR, Vladimir Lenin, denouncing his model of state, Bolshevik repressions, as well as voicing regrets over Russia’s territory shrinking after World War I and USSR’s territory – in the early 1990s.

Income equality in Latvia comes close to Europe’s average level

The year began with tremors for financial markets all over the world. Nevertheless, the world’s economy is not looking all that bad in spite of overall negativity surrounding future developments, as concluded in Swedbank’s latest economic outlook.

Apple registers slowest iPhone sales growth

It is expected that the U.S. computer technology firm Apple will on January 26 report its slowest iPhone sales growth this far – as it has registered a one percent growth in the Christmas sales quarter of 2015 in the product segment.

CC: Riga City Council’s rules distort the taxi service market

The Competition Council has once again asked Riga City Council to ensure compliance with principles of equal competition and refrain from limiting the freedom of all taxi service providers to engage in healthy competition in Old Riga.

Half of Estonian private sector managers have seen corruption, study finds

A study on corruption practices in Estonian private sector has found that 57% of higher and middle range managers have witnessed at least one corruption method in their experience.

Latvian president continues undergoing treatment in intensive therapy ward

Considering the type of illness and the recent surgery, doctors have managed to stabilize the overall health of Latvian President Raimonds Vejons and begin recovery, as reported by the head of Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital’s Marketing and Communication Department Lasma Sile.

Influenza epidemic begins in Latvia

Influenza infection rates had reached 136.9 cases per 100,000 residents last week, according to influenza and other acute respiratory infection monitoring data. With that, Disease Prevention and Control Centre announced the beginning of an epidemic in Latvia on Tuesday, 26 January.

Europol: Islamic State is preparing new terrorist attacks in Europe

Islamic State terrorist organization is capable of carrying out terrorist attacks on a global scale, and after the most recent terrorist attacks in Paris, this terrorist organization will concentrate on Europe even more, as reported by Europol Chief Rob Wainwright.

Zakulis decides to leave Finance and Capital Market Commission

Head of the Finance and Capital Market Commission Kristaps Zakulis has decided to step down. According to him, this decision is well-thought through and recent talks in the media about the possible change in management in FCMC did not come out of nowhere.

Refugee resettlement to Estonia currently not working due to lack of documents

According to the EU refugee quota scheme, Estonia has to accept 200 refugees in 2016 and an overall total of 550, however incomplete personal files from Italy have resulted in no accepted refugees this far.

Moldovan Prime Minister to stay in office despite protester calls to resign

In spite of calls by more than 15 000 people to resign, Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip has expressed readiness to stay in office and crack down on violent protests if necessary.

Employee killed in Swedish asylum seeker centre

A 22-year-old employee was stabbed to death on January 25 at centre for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in Sweden. A 15-year-old asylum seeker has been arrested over suspicion of the stabbing.

Estonian Foreign Minister on show of support visit to Palestine

Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister Marina Kaljurand is has visited Palestine as part of a Middle Eastern tour and has reiterated the Baltic country’s support to a two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Video: How’s rake better than leaf blower?

A rake does not give a dad the chance to equip his kid with a machine that attempts to make a tornado with the kid like in this video. Perhaps some things would be better left uninvented.

Ventspils Nafta stocks are pulled from Baltic stock market

Following an official request from Ventspils Nafta, Nasdaq Riga exchange has agreed to pull 104,479,519 stocks from the official list. With that, Monday, 25 January, is the last day when it is possible to buy and sell stocks of this company, according to the announcement.

Unity wishes to control six ministries in Latvia

Unity and Union of Greens and Farmers met on Monday, 25 January. The two parties failed to reach an agreement in regards to management responsibilities over ministries. Unity did announce its readiness to relinquish its claim on Justice Ministry and Transport Ministry in exchange for influence over other ministries.

Global markets face worst beginning of the year in history

The beginning of 2016 for global stock markets was the worst in recorded history, according to information from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Stock value declined rapidly over the course of the first nine days, falling as low as USD 5.7 trillion.

Political calendar of Latvia. 25 – 29 January, 2016

Calendar of political events in Latvia for 25 – 29 January, 2016…

Economic calendar of Latvia. 25 – 29 January, 2016

Calendar of economic events in Latvia for 25 – 29 January, 2016...

Google’s most popular enquiries in 2015

Google has presented its latest Year in Search report – it presents a look back in the previous year with the collective eyes of the World Wide Web. Year in Search offers a compilation of the most notable events and most popular tendencies based on Google search engine enquiries.

Islamic State publishes threats to UK

Terrorist group Islamic State has on January 24 published on its media channel a video, where apparently threats to attack the UK are expressed over the country’s involvement bombing the group’s positions in Syria.

Latvian residents do not see Kucinskis as an appropriate PM candidate

When asked to evaluate Maris Kucinskis, prime minister candidate from the Union of Greens and Farmers, on a scale of one to ten, Latvian residents aged 18-55 gave this candidate 4.8 points on average.

SRS investigators make «cash savings», receive money gifts and gamble

Investigators working at Latvian State Revenue Service either distrust banks or actively try to legalize possibly illegally acquired finances, as concluded by De Facto programme after a careful examination of 101 declarations submitted by investigators.

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