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Wednesday 17.07.2019 | Name days: Aleksejs, Aleksis

Lithuania on January 13, 1991: what if Soviets had seized power that night?

As Lithuania is commemorating the solemn 25th anniversary of the massacre on January 13, 1991, when 14 innocent defenders of Vilnius Television Tower were crushed to death by the Soviet tanks, few have ever given a thought on how different the path of the fledgling state would have been if the Soviet troops had seize power in Vilnius that night.

Explosions and shootout in Indonesia, attackers suspected of imitating Paris attacks

In blasts and a shootout in the Indonesian capital Jakarta on January 14, seven people have been killed and 10 injured. Local police suspects that the attackers have attempted to imitate the recent Paris terror attacks.

Saeima sends Latvian soldiers to non-violent missions to Mali and Iraq

The Saeima backed on January 14 two bills on sending Latvian soldiers to international missions – the UN stabilisation mission in Mali and the NATO counter terrorism mission in Iraq.

No Unity’s support to Kučinskis

Having met at a board and faction joint sitting, party Unity, did not pledge support to the PM candidate Māris Kučinskis named by State President Raimonds Vējonis. The party, however, expressed readiness to take part in coalition-building talks.

Denmark plans to seize money and valuables from well-off asylum seekers

Danish government has this week secured a parliamentary backing to regulations that would allow the Danish authorities to seize migrants' money and other individual items worth more than 10,000 kroner.

Fall in oil prices forces Russia to review federal finances

Oil prices on international markets have on January 13 shortly fallen below 30 U.S. dollars a barrel. Russian finance minister Anton Siluanov has noted that Russia’s federal budget can be balanced if the oil price is at USD 82 a barrel.

Kučinskis admits having limited English skills

The candidate of the post of the Prime Minister of Latvia Māris Kučinskis from the Union of Greens and Farmers admits he has limited skills of the English language.

China’s railway companies acquaint with advantages of Latvian transit corridor

Representatives of two Chinese railway companies – China Railway Construction Corporation and China Railway International – have met with officials of the Latvian Ministry of Transport to discuss possible cooperation as part of transport and transit projects.

170 U.S. soldiers arrive in Latvia

The next rotating group of the U.S. operation Atlantic Resolve – 170 soldiers – have arrived in Latvia on January 13 to perform training together with the Latvian National Armed Forces and to take part in international military exercises.

World's loudest PR fails of 2015

Public relations fails can affect any company and negative public opinion is hard to change, and the brand has to fight with the consequences for a long time, according to Sandra Krisberga, CEO of Latvian Public Relations Consultancies Association (LPRCA).

Demand for PCs at record-low

The demand for stationary and laptop computers globally has in the last quarter of 2015 suffered a record fall, with PC shipments decreasing 10.6%, compared to the fourth quarter of 2014.

Turkey blames «Islamic State» for tragic blast

Turkish officials have stated that a member of «Islamic State» terorist group is suspected as having detonated the blast in Istanbul on January 12, which killed 10 people, at least eight of them German tourists, and wounding 15 more.

Video: With snowboards in closed water amusement park

For several weeks already, it is possible to do winter sports in the three Baltic states. If you haven’t tried snowboarding, perhaps this video will serve as a draw to give «the wider ski» a try.

Consumer prices up 0.3% from Dec 2014 to Dec 2015

The average consumer price level in Latvia in December 2015, as compared to December 2014, increased by 0.3%, latest data by the Latvian Central Statistical Bureau indicate.

Tragic blast in Turkey

A tragic blast has taken place in Istanbul, Turkey, on January 12, killing ten and wounding fifteen people, local authorities have stated.

Straujuma: Latvia and EU should review their migration policies

Considering the recent crime wave in Cologne and that approximately a half of the people, who have arrived are economic migrants, not refugees of war, both Latvia and the EU should review their migration policies, the acting Latvian PM Laimdota Straujuma has stated.

Šadurskis expresses readiness to take PM’s duties

Saeima MP Kārlis Šadurskis (Unity) has expressed readiness to take the responsibility of the Latvian Prime Minister, if State President Raimonds Vējonis would ask him to.

Indian court convicts Estonian ship guards to five years in prison

Estonian Foreign Ministry reported on January 11 that the Tuticorin court in India has convicted to five years in prison the Estonian anti-piracy guards, who worked on a security ship in the Indian Ocean and were arrested in 2013.

Germany returns migrants to Austria

Austrian police has stated that Germany has been returning some 200 migrants a day since the start of January.

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Lithuania’s 25th Day of Defenders of Freedom

BNN offers you a selection of cultural events in Lithuania for the week during January 11 to January 17.

Euromin owns 99.082% of Ventspils nafta stocks

Following the conclusion of the expressed mandatory stocks buy-back offer, Ventspils nafta shareholder Euromin Holdings (Cyprus) Limited (Euromin) has earlier in the month bought 0.0047% more VN stocks. Now, Euromin owns 99.082% of VN stocks.

Greece’s conservative party selects new leader for opposing Tsipras government

Greece’s conservative New Democracy party has chosen a chairman, who is expected to lead the party to challenge the leftist government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.