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Tuesday 23.07.2019 | Name days: Magda, Magone, Mērija

Spanish royal family embarrassed by criminal charges against Princess Cristina

Spanish Princes Cristina has to appear before court on January 11 as a defendant in a criminal case over fraud charges. She has become the first member of Spanish royal family, who has been criminally-accused since monarchy was restored in the country in the 1970s.

Number of Cologne New Year’s Eve criminal cases reaches 516

According to the information released by the police of Cologne, Germany, the number of criminal cases launched based on complaints over crimes committed on New Year’s Eve has increased to 516, with 40% related to sexual attacks.

Week in Lithuania. Mandatory alcohol treatment program could go into effect in June

Mandatory alcoholism treatment program in Lithuania might go into force as soon as June. The draft regulations paving way for such kind of treatment have been approved by the Ministry of Health and are expected to put for the Seimas’ deliberations in its spring session.

Economic Diary of Latvia. Potholes on a flat road

The year of the Fire Monkey promises many surprises for Latvia’s economy. There may even be a couple of shocks in store for the country. In any case, this is one of the possible conclusions one can come to from predictions made by well-known investors, economists and international organizations.

Pharmacist’s advice on avoiding catching a cold during winter

True winter weather has been ruling in Latvia for the past two weeks. Air temperature drops as far as -25° C at times. Pharmacists remind that precautions should be taken in order to avoid hypothermia and catching any respiratory tract infections when staying outside for extended periods of time.

Expert: Putin has to maintain the impression that he will not budge

Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue making Ukraine a project this year as well, said Andris Spruds, Director of Latvian Institute of International Affairs, in a discussion organized by Laiks Pasaulei magazine.

Latvian Finance Minister refuses to become a prime minister candidate

Finance Minister Janis Reirs has informed Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis that he refuses to become a prime minister candidate.

Manufacturing turnover down 0.3% in Latvia

Compared to October, manufacturing turnover increased in Latvia by 0.1 % in November 2015, according to seasonally adjusted data at current prices.

Week of cold weather records in Estonia

In southern Estonia, at Tarvastu weather station, this winter’s lowest temperature was registered on January 7 at -30.4°C.

Huawei supplied 108 million smart-phones last year

Huawei’s revenue exceeded USD 20 billion in 2015, nearly a 70 percent increase from 2014. Additionally, Huawei shipped 108 million smart-phones in 2015 – a 44 percent increase from the previous year.

Competition Council punishes two hardware suppliers for having a cartel agreement

Latvian Competition Council has decided to punish Expert Digital and Hannu Digital. The two hardware suppliers will be fined EUR 11,573 for forming a cartel.

Latvian women most often fictively marry citizens of Pakistan

According to information from Irish police, women from Portugal, Latvia and Hungary are the ones to most often get married to citizens of third countries. On top of that, most of those marriages are fictive.

Merkel urges to review deportatons from Germany after Cologne mass sexual attacks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has on January 7 suggested to consider deporting foreigners from the country, who have been convicted of criminal offences, in the wake of mass sexual attacks on women on New Year’s Eve.

Latvian President’s choice of PM candidate expected to be announced soon

It is expected that Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis will soon announce nominate a prime minister candidate. Politicians expect an announcement on Friday, 8 January. It is noted that the choice will not come easy.

Chinese shares rise ending week of fluctuating trade

The value of Chinese company shares increased considerably on January 8 after stock market regulator lifted the temporary share trade ban introduced in China on January 7.

Three criminal processes were launched in Latvia in relation to human trafficking last year

At least 17 people in Latvia are held suspect of human trafficking and at least three under-aged girls and one adult woman are considered victims of human trafficking, according to information from Interior Ministry for 2015.

There are nine times more bacteria on notes than on payment cards

An experiment carried out by SEB Bank and Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment - BIOR reveals that there are nine times more bacteria on notes than there are on payment cards.

Latvian State Police begins inspection in regards to possible violations at PrivatBank

The Economic Crimes Combating Office of Latvian State Police have begun an inspection based on materials provided by the Finance and Capital Market Commission about possible violations at PrivatBank.

Mycologists find a giant puffball in a cellar of a house in Pardaugava

Although it is winter outside, and a particularly snowy one at that, mycologists of Latvian Museum of Natural History continue providing consultations about fungi and their ability to appear in the most unusual places. With that, mycologists have recently found a Langermannia gigantean, commonly known as giant puffball, in the cellar of some house in Pardaugava.

Ventbunkers’ investment options into airBaltic may become clearer by March

Ventbunkers’ potential to become an investor for Latvia’s national airBaltic airline may become clearer in the next two months, as noted by acting Transport Minister Rihards Kozlovskis.