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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

Government to increase support provided to large families

Next year, state benefits provided to large families will be set at EUR 50.07. This is provided by amendments to the Law on State Social Allowances, which were conceptually approved by the Saeima during talks on the next year’s budget on Monday, 31 October.

Kaimins compares Lembergs to a «residual burp of communism»

Lembergs is the largest grey cardinal in charge of this country. Latvia’s largest problem is that people living in Latvia do not trust anything or anyone. If people believed Lembergs to be the biggest problem, they would take up arms and get rid of him, said Linda Liepina, head of Wok To Walk in Latvia, during her interview with Saeima deputy Artuss Kaimins’ Suņu būda.

Hashish worth 1.2 million euros confiscated in Estonia, near Latvia

In the Estonian town of Valga, situated next to the border with Latvia, 77 kilograms of hashish have been confiscated worth some 1.2 million euros in street value.

Lithuania issues civilian guide to recognise Russian military equipment

The Lithuanian government has on October 28 published a handbook as to advisable actions in case of emergency or war. In third such brochure since Russia added Crimea and its population to its territory, the tone is more serious and Lithuanians are instructed to recognise Russian military equipment.

Daugava ice hall closed due to safety reasons

On Monday, 31 October, the management of Daugava Stadium decided to halt the use of the ice hall due to safety reasons.

Court to continue viewing Lembergs’ testimony

On Monday, 31 October, Riga Regional Court will continue viewing Aivars Lembergs’ testimony in the criminal case launched against him, as confirmed by Riga Regional Court’s press-secretary Raimonds Locmelis.

Osinovskis hopes to manufacture trams in Latvia with state support

Bribery-accused Estonian businessmen Oleg Osinovkis hopes for long-term state orders and victories at tram procurements in order to save Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant from bankruptcy, as the businessman told De Facto programme.

EU and Canada sign unblocked free trade agreement

The European Union and Canada have on October 30 signed their mutual free trade agreement, where the demands of Belgian regions have been taken into account.

Clocks to be turned one hour back at the end of October

Daylight saving time will end in Latvia and elsewhere in the world on 30 October, when clocks will have to be turned one hour back.

KNAB selection process concludes with no results

Members of the committee responsible for selecting the new head of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau decided not to pick any of the available candidates, Martins Krievins, director of the state Chancellery and chairman of the selection committee, announced on Friday, 28 October.

Retail trade turnover up 0.5% in Latvia

Compared to September 2015, total retail trade turnover rose by 0.5% in September 2016. Turnover of retail trade in food products decreased by 1.8%, whereas the turnover of retail trade in non-food products increased by 1.6%.

Five possible natural disasters that worry researchers

Massive floods, fires, earthquakes and volcano eruptions – without a doubt, those are natural processes that transpire on earth. These processes are also affected by climate change, which is something mankind is responsible for.

Moldova up for polarising presidential election

Voters in Moldova will on October 30 go to ballot boxes in order to express their support to the country’s foreign policy direction towards the European Union or to closer links with the Kremlin, by electing a president.

Latvia’s banking sector earned 374 million this year

In the first nine months of 2016, Latvia’s banking sector functioned with profits worth EUR 374 million. All sixteen Latvian banks and three out of seven foreign bank branches in Latvia worked with profits in this nine-month period.

PHOTO: Latvians 120 years ago

Up until 17 September 2017, the National History Museum of Latvia will be holding an exhibition for a wide audience ‘The Latvians: An Interpretation. Latvian Ethnographic Exhibition of 1896’. This exhibition will reflect the exhibition that was held in Riga 120 years ago.