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Ceturtdiena 20.06.2019 | Name days: Rasa, Rasma, Maira

Tragic dormitory fire in Turkey

Police in southern Turkey has detained six people after 11 pupils and a teacher died in a dorm fire.

PHOTO: world’s first Bombardier CS300 aircraft arrives in Riga

On Wednesday, 30 November, Latvian airBaltic airline welcomed the world’s first Bombardier CS300 aircraft in Riga.

Retail trade turnover in Latvia up 0.2%

Compared to October 2015, total retail trade turnover rose by 0.2 % in October 2016. Turnover of retail trade in food products decreased by 2.7 %, whereas the turnover of retail trade in non-food products increased by 2.0 %.

Google Earth’s new function shows, how planet has changed since 1984

Satellite imagery and map software Google Earth has on November 29 been updated with a timelapse feature that shows, how the planet’s surface has changed over the last 32 years.

Researcher: 2,500 containers from China annually – the best Latvia can expect

More than 99% of Chinese exports are transported to Europe by sea. More than ten million cargo containers worth more than EUR 350 billion were transported by sea last year.

In Baltics, refugee relocation programme only works in Estonia

As part of the European Union’s refugee resettlement plan, which has this far managed to resettle only 7,000 out of the planned 160,000 Syrian refugees, Baltic states are struggling to keep them as refugees are only willing to stay in Estonia.

PHOTO: winter returns to Riga

Following first Advent, winter returned to Riga and the rest of Latvia with snowfall and blizzards. Such weather has been present for the past couple of days.

Automobile makers agree to create electric top-up network in Europe

A group of German and U.S. car firms have joined their forces to establish a network of high-powered electric car charging stations in Europe.

Drivers can use public transport services in Riga free of charge because of snowfall

Due to expected snowfall in Riga, the municipal government decided to allow drivers in Riga to use public transport services free of charge on Wednesday, 30 November. So-called snow tickets will be in use for that purpose.

Germany assumes Russian cyber attacks are likely during its 2017 election

The head of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service has announced on November 29 that Russia may attempt to affect the 2017 German federal parliamentary election. Bruno Kahl stated that his agency was aware of cyber attacks with no other purpose than «causing political uncertainty».

Estonia invites Brits to remain in EU for 100 euros per person

Estonian institutions have launched a promotional campaign to attract young Britons «to stay in EU», by acquiring the e-residency permit of Estonia for 100 euros a person.

Average wage growth in Latvia remains slow

In Q3 2016, the average monthly gross wages and salaries in the country amounted to EUR 847. Compared to Q3 2015, average wages and salaries have grown by EUR 18 or 2.2 %, indicating a lower annual increase than in the 2nd quarter of the present year (3.3 %).

Akropole shopping centre’s construction commences in Riga

29 November marked the beginning of construction preparations for Akropole shopping centre on Maskavas Street 257 in Riga.

Ilves presented with Digital Freedom Award

Estonian ex-President Toomas Hendrik Ilves has been on November 28 in Riga awarded with a Digital Freedom Award for his efforts to promoting digital culture in the Baltic states and on a wider scale.

ECB considers Trump election and Brexit referendum as reasons to economic uncertainty

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi evaluated on November 28 that the outcome of U.S. presidential election and UK’s decision to leave the EU are the main causes to the present economic uncertainty.

NGO: many budget regulations have very weak ties with the state budget

The link between the budget and its accompanying legal drafts can sometimes be hard to spot, as concluded by Providus think tank and Delna – Society for Openness after performing Saeima monitoring and following the work of the parliament’s deputies on the budget and accompanying legal drafts.

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