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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

Citadele Index: Kurzeme and Vidzeme feel the pressure of grey economy the most

16% of businessmen in Latvia believe there is no grey economy in their represented industry. 47% of businessmen believe grey economy is either low or very low in their industry, according to the latest Citadele Index study.

Sustento: increase of VAT on medicine could have catastrophic consequences

Cooperation organization Sustento categorically opposes Finance Ministry’s proposed idea to cancel reduced VAT rate for medicine. It would be catastrophic for people, the organization says.

Swedbank: residents sometimes have the oddest accidents

People can sometimes experience significant losses when dealing with risky everyday situations. Data compiled by Swedbank on different unusual insurance cases.

Border monitoring system in Estonia fails five times in half-year

The monitoring system that is used by Estonian border guards to look after the country’s eastern border has encountered five critical failures over the last six months, the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board announced this week.

Latvia invites Russia to restore dialogue on cross-border frequency coordination

Latvia’s representatives have turned Russia’s attention towards the need to restore the dialogue on cross-border frequency coordination matters and organize a meeting of representatives of important institutions as soon as possible, BNN was informed by Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Use of wild animals in circus performances to be prohibited in Latvia

On Thursday, 30 March, Saeima conceptually supported amendments to the Animal Protection Law to prohibit the use of wild animals in circus performances. Previously, however, deputies decided against this.

European Council prepares British withdrawal plan

It is expected that European Council head Donald Tusk will send to the remaining European Union member states on Friday, March 31, a draft plan as to how the block would like to carry out talks with the UK about its divorce from the EU.

Snow to appear again in Latvia; air temperature to warm up to +18° C on weekend

A layer of snow formed in Latvia’s eastern territories on Friday morning, 31 March. The current layer of snow reaches 6 cm in Sigulda and 4 cm in Zilani and Aluksne. The snow will melt as the day goes by.

Retail trade turnover in Latvia up 1.2%

Compared to February 2016, the total retail trade turnover rose by 1.2 % in February 2017. Turnover of retail trade in food products declined by 1.3 %, whereas turnover of retail trade in non-food products grew by 4.4 %.

Internet users blackmailed by new types of ransomware

A new type of ransomware has appeared on the internet – doxware. It blackmails its victims, threatening to publish users’ private and confidential files on the internet, eScan experts warn.

Tele2 plans to open at least 60 new base stations in Latvia this year

Tele2 communications operator plans to build at least 60 new base stations across all of Latvia this year. A total of EUR 3 million is planned to be invested in this plan, the company reports.