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Tuesday 26.03.2019 | Name days: Eiženija, Ženija

Energy prices grow the most rapidly in Eurozone

Annual inflation in Eurozone was 1.5% in September, according to estimates published by Eurostat on Friday, 29 September.

Oncologists: Rigvir scandal shames Latvia

Leading oncology and health organizations in Latvia have rejected taking part in Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša’s discussion on whether or not Rigvir medicine should remain on the State Register of Medicines and list of state-compensated medicines.

Retail trade turnover in Latvia grew 5.3% in August

Compared to August 2016, total retail trade turnover rose by 5.3 % in August 2017. Turnover of retail trade in food products increased by 7.7 %, while turnover of retail trade in non-food products grew by 4.1 %.

NATO to test its ability to respond to modern security challenges

NATO’s annual CMX 2017 exercises will be taking place 4th – 11h October in member states, including Latvia. The Crisis Management Exercise will test member states’ ability to react in fictive crisis situations and ensure proper coordination on a strategic level, as reported by Defence Ministry.

Estonia, trading CO2 pollution quotas, made 25 million euros in 2016

As part of the EU emissions trading system in 2016, Estonia earned over 23.5 million euros from selling in auction its unnecessary greenhouse gas emission units, the Baltic country’s Minister of the Environment has stated.

Investment priorities – people expect support for culture, sports and healthcare

Businesses pick sectors to support local communities more and more carefully. Society’s beliefs about the importance of investment activities have changed. People have changed their views on benefits from investments and priority areas worth supporting, according to results of a study performed by Kantar TNS.

Tallinn hosts EU Digital Summit

The Digital Summit of the heads of state and government of European Union member states is held by the Estonian presidency on Friday, October 29. Estonia’s EU Council residency has stated that the most important blocs of issued delegates and heads of state and government are expected to discuss are mutual trust, security, e-government, industry, society, and the economy.

Google submits to EK pressure not to distort competition

Google has announced its search engine would not privilege its own shopping service over rivals in an push to avoid further fines from the European Commission fines, after the U.S. tech giant was punished by a record antitrust fine of 2.4bn euros in June.

Days before Catalonia referendum, police in Barcelona seals off ballot box warehouse

As Catalonia awaits the October 1 referendum on the region’s independence – deemed anti-constitutional by Madrid –, police in the city of Barcelona has sealed off a building likely to house ballot boxes and have warned they would stop anyone trying to move ballot boxes to another place.

Summer finally ends in Latvia; October begins with autumn-like weather

Dry weather will remain for Saturday and Sunday. October in Latvia will begin with properly autumn-like weather, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Brexit: insufficient progress achieved in talks regarding separation conditions

Insufficient progress has been achieved in the first four stages of Brexit talks. The fifth stage of talks is set to address the matter regarding citizens, financial solutions and the state of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Saeima deputies support proposal to make travel around Europe easier with dogs

From now on, dog owners will have to use a single unified health certificate that will detail information of all vaccines performed for the dog, providing the owner the right to travel within the European Union with their dog, as provided by amendments conceptually supported by the Saeima for the Veterinary Medicine Law.

Sexism is a topical problem that is present in politics

In Latvia, even women who take important posts are often viewed in relation to established gender roles – a woman is a mother and wife, says Latvian Welfare Ministry’s Social Planning and Development Department’s senior expert Agnese Gaile.

32% of Latvians always study their potential employers on social media

Nearly one-third of interviewed Latvian residents always study their potential employers before applying for the first job interview, according to results of a survey performed by CV Market.

Latvenergo enters Estonia’s gas market

Latvenergo’s energy trading company in Estonia – Elektrum Eesti – has commenced selling natural gas to business clients, as confirmed by the company.

Oil prices grow in New York but decline in London

Exchange indexes in USA and Europe increased after US President Donald Trump unveiled his tax reform plan on Wednesday, 27 September. The president’s tax plan provides for reducing corporate income tax rate from 35% to 20% and offering tax discounts for companies to ensure their profits return to USA from abroad.