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Saturday 23.03.2019 | Name days: Mirdza, Žanete, Žanna

433 tons of old tires removed from landfills in Latvia

As part of the attempts in Latvia to recycle heaps of worn out tires accumulated in waste management landfills over years of mismanagement in the sector, this year by mid-August, 433 330 of worn-out tires have been removed, according to the Latvian Tire Management Association.

France calls for new, closer EU cooperation with Russia

President Emmanuel Macron of France, who is advocating European defence cooperation alongside NATO, has envisaged more up-to-date, closer relations between the European Union and Russia.

Two more out-of-family support centres to be opened in Latvia

The out-of-family support centres Liepāja and Dūja, planned for Riga, as offered by the NGO Sociālo pakalpojumu aģentūra, have been confirmed by the Ministry of Welfare.

We agitate, but «ethically». Ministerial influence on Saeima election

Government ministers in Latvia can openly voice support their political party, also during the campaigning period of the parliamentary election. Ministers take part in advertisements, events, give interviews to media, which will not be counted in the regulated limit of party spending, but only in case if such campaigning does not breach the norms of ethics.

Latvian Justice Board recommends not trusting insolvency cases to reported judges

Insolvency cases should not be given to judges mentioned in the problem report of insolvency court proceedings, the Latvian Board of Justice has recommended to the heads of the Riga District Court and the City of Riga Latgale Urban District Court, according to Gaidis Bērziņš, the Chairman of the Saeima Legal Affairs Committee.

Average wage in Latvia exceeds 1 000 euros

The average gross monthly wage in Latvia for full-time work has in the second quarter of 2018, reached 1004 euros, official statistics show.

Latvian eID card to become primary document over passport from 2023

For the citizens of Latvia, the eID card currently used on par with the Latvian passport, will become the primary document for proving a person's identity from the year 2023.

Hungary and Italy agree to push for stricter EU immigration policy

European Union's two most outspoken opponents of liberal migration policy, Italy and Hungary, have agreed to cooperate in trying to make the policy in the EU stricter so that illegal migration would be limited.

Latvian teachers achieve pay rise and cancel protest

The Latvian government and educators' trade union have reached an agreement that the minimum wage for educators for full time work will be raised from September by 30 euros, reaching 710 euros. A teacher protest planned for early September has been cancelled.

UN sees genocidal intent in Myanmar army's atrocities against Rohingyas

The military of the South-East Asian nation of Myanmar conducted mass killings and gang rapes of Muslim Rohingya with the intent of genocide and the country's commander-in-chief and five generals should be tried for the crimes against international law, United Nations investigators found.