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Wednesday 20.03.2019 | Name days: Made, Irbe

Latvian police allow there may be more detainees in Koknese cocaine case

Latvian State Police allow that the number of detainees in the Koknese cocaine case could increase soon.

Changes to consumer loan data circulation come to force in Latvia

January 2019 marked the coming into force of amendments to legislation that detail the duty for all lenders to exchange information about consumers’ loan data, as reported by Credit Information Bureau.

Airbus computer systems hacked, European airplane giant says

Airplane, defence and space technology producer Airbus has found cases of data access violations, but insists the cyber attack had not affected it commercial activities.

Ministry: volunteer work at state social care centres is valuable

At the end of 2017, Latvia’s Welfare Ministry invited residents to become volunteers in state social care centres with children. Since then, many have applied for work: 258 have submitted applications as volunteers, 204 of which have become employees and 50 continue working as volunteers.

EU not convinced by May's efforts to renegotiate Irish backstop in Brexit deal

The EU's main negotiator Michel Barnier has stated that the Irish backstop intended as an insurance policy for the border in with the Northern Ireland that cannot be deleted or changed in the UK's Brexit deal and will not be renegotiated.

Take #2: opposition collects signatures to repeat Ušakovs’ dismissal vote

Opposition parties in Riga City Council have collected the necessary number of votes to once again request the organization of an extraordinary meeting to hold a vote on dismissal of Riga’s Mayor Nils Ušakovs, as confirmed by National Alliance’s faction representative Edvards Ratnieks.

Opinion: next head of SES should continue initiated investment projects

The next director general of Latvia’s State Environment Service will definitely have to continue initiated investment projects, says the now former head of the service Inga Koļegova.

Flu epidemic in Latvia picks up in strength

The flu epidemic in Latvia had spread considerably last week. 17 people have already died from this disease or complications caused by it, according to data from the Disease Prevention and Monitoring Centre.

Retail trade turnover in Latvia up 4% last year

Compared to 2017, total retail trade turnover rose by 4 % in 2018. Turnover of retail trade in food products had increased by 4.2 %, turnover of retail trade in non-food products by 4.2%, and turnover of retail sale of automotive fuel by 2.9 %.

Apple registers first drop in revenue and profit since 2009

U.S. tech giant Apple cited weak iPhone sales and a lower sales in China as it reported a 4.5% drop in revenue in the last quarter of 2018. the American firm had revenues of USD 84.3 billion in the three months ending 29 December compared with the same period last year. Profits fell slightly to USD 19.97 billion.

Food Union presents new Kārums curd cheese snacks; invests EUR 625,000

Milk processing concern Food Union has invested EUR 625,000 in the production of a new line of Kārums curd cheese snacks, as confirmed by the company.

Minister: Latvian government will view law amendments linked to Brexit in February

On 12 February, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers will view amendments to laws associated with Brexit, says Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs.

Patients suffering from rare diseases will require EUR 30 million this year

Treatment of patients suffering from rare diseases will require and additional amount of funding equal to EUR 30 million in Latvia this year, according to the head of Rare Diseases Coordination Centre Ieva Mālniece.