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Tuesday 17.07.2018 | Name days: Aleksejs, Aleksis

Economic Diary of Latvia. Banks declare war on dummy bankrupts

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUCredit and financial institutions of Latvia suffer losses worth dozens of millions because of abuse of insolvency mechanism. In response to this, bankers have taken arms to combat abuse of this practice by judges, bailiffs and insolvency administrators.

Norvik Bank was the first to be swallowed by this problem this year. Swedbank has joined the fray this week. Latvian Commercial Banks Association completely supports this initiative.

Cases of misuse of the insolvency mechanism are becoming more and more troublesome for Latvians and the country’s economy. Furthermore, this problem has evolved into a clear threat to national security, as stated by Swedbank in its press-statement.

According to Chairman of the Board of Swedbank Maris Bacinskis, Swedbank, as the biggest investor in Latvia, does not understand how judges can review cases without studying them carefully and make formal and completely absurd decisions. This creates the possibility that insolvency administrators can become the people who advise or support the creation of fictive creditors in order to allow their clients to avoid their obligations.

«Every formal decision creates real consequences – crediting conditions worsen and new reputation risks arise for the development of Latvia’s economy. Latvia is losing its attractiveness as a country fit to invest in. Unfortunately, these are not isolated cases, it only shows the flaws of our legal system,» – he explains.

Fraud is common in other countries as well. However, developed countries have countermeasures in place that prevent illegal and criminal attempts to misuse economic mechanisms. Latvia lacks such countermeasures. This is why Swedbank calls to carry out systematic reforms and relieve the country’s legal system from dishonest and unprofessional people.

Detailed information on similar fraud schemes has been compiled by Swedbank, Norvik Bank and Reverta at

Swedbank intends to take act decisively: a letter with a detailed explanation of the problem has will be sent to all newly-elected Saeima deputies, the government, Bank of Latvia, all law enforcement institutions, Insolvency Administration, Latvian Employers’ Confederation, Latvian Chamber for Commerce and Industry and its foreign counterparts.

Latvian Commercial Banks Association fully supports the initiatives proposed by its colleagues and reminds that many banks have experienced actions by dishonest entrepreneurs. As an example, the association mentions the Norvik Bank versus Winergy case, Swedbank versus Tērbatas biznesa centrs and multiple others.

Support is possible with a big advance

The Latvian government has decided to change the rules of the entrepreneurship support programme ‘Investments with high added value’. This time – in favour of entrepreneurs.

As part of this programme, entrepreneurs can become eligible for modernization of production. Equipment suppliers, on the other hand, often request to be paid in advance in order to avoid having the order cancelled.

In order to make life easier for entrepreneurs, the programme will allow the allocation of advance payment worth 35% or 90% of the project’s cost as long as authors of the project can prove that this money can speed up the project’s realization and create new jobs.

It is worth mentioning that this advance payment will only be provided with proof of bank guarantee (banking commission for the provision of the guarantee will be compensated at the expense of the programme).

With that, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia encourages all interested entrepreneurs to apply for reception of this advance as part of the ‘Investments with high added value’ programme.

According to this institution, the government and entrepreneurs have invested a total of EUR 650 million in modernization of their production over the past five years.

Entrepreneurs were provided with more than EUR 229 million as investments in projects with high added value and another EUR 38 million for the launch of new production lines during the EU fund planning period of 2007 – 2013.

Producer prices remain nearly unchanged

During nine months of 2014, producer prices have declined 0.1%, as reported by Latvian Economy Ministry. Prices on products have reduced by 0.3% for the domestic market and have increased 0.1% for export goods.

The largest growth was noted with producers of wooden products – +1.7%: changes have been noticed in the domestic and external markets.

The general index has declined under pressure from prices on food products (-1.1%). The largest decline in segment was noted in September.

The most rapid decline of prices was noted in the segment of computer, electronics and optical equipment producers – 15.5%.

The main factor in the decline of prices was the Russian embargo and the state of relations between the EU and Russia. The latter factor will be decisive for future developments in price policies. A decline in prices on energy was noted on global markets this September. There was also an increase in the prices of agricultural goods, as noted by analysts from Latvian Economy Ministry.


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  1. Brian says:

    Why has it taken so many years after independence for Latvia to bring in laws that combat everything from corruption in the ports to problems with the banking system, as detailed in this story.

    Just what have the politicians been doing for the past 20 years ?

Will Latvians know who elects their president? Draft on open vote «on the move»

On Tuesday, 17 July, Saeima’s Legal Affairs Commission decided to submit for the first reading amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia that provide for holding election of the country’s president in the Saeima through an open vote, as reported by the parliament’s press-service.

Schengen information system to help prevent tractor theft cases in Latvia

Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers has supported amendments to the Operation of the Schengen Information System developed by the Interior Affairs Ministry. The aim of those amendments is providing access to the system to ensure public order and security in member states, the ministry explains.

Ministry declares no more free plastic bags for shoppers

From 1 January 2019 onward supermarkets will no longer provide plastic bags to customers free of charge. This will not apply to very light plastic bags, as confirmed by Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry.

EY auditor’s work in ABLV Bank’s liquidation will be managed by its Polish office

The work of EY work in ABLV Bank’s liquidation process will be managed by its Polish office, as confirmed by company’s representatives.

Estonia sees no geopolitical change after U.S.-Russian summit in Helsinki

Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser has commented cautiously that the U.S.-Russia summit in Helsinki is unlikely to bring fundamental change in the relations between the West, NATO military alliance and Russia.

airBaltic carried record large number of passengers in June

Latvia’s national airBaltic airline carried 1,876,839 passengers to destinations in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, CIS countries and the Middle East in the first six months of 2018. This is 20% more when compared to the same period of last year, as BNN was told by the company.

Police to investigate possible MPC fraud at Tukums DH CHP plant

One of the largest CHP plants in Kurzeme – SIA Tukums DH – may have been squandering produced heating energy for a long time, which is a serious breach of mandatory procurement component governing rules, TV3 news reports.

Estonian holidaymakers die in Ukraine, media report

Three Estonian holidaymakers in Ukraine, have been found dead in a hotel in the Black Sea resort town of Odessa last weekend, Estonian media report without identifying the three young men.

Languages «a must-have». An interview with ex-president about political market methods and communist approach

There are two ways a political market is realized during closed presidential elections: one involves approval of candidates in exchange for votes, and the other – for money. If it’s the latter, it is best for no one to know how elections are performed. Harmony, which now stays quiet about open elections, has always been against this proposal, because it does not allow for creating a political market – sale of votes in exchange for influence, which has been done before...

Migration from Baltics, Eastern Europe to UK lowest in years

Migration to the UK from the Baltics and other member states of the European Union has been the lowest it has been for nearly four years in 2017, Britain's official statistics show.

Putin in Helsinki denies U.S. election meddling, Trump doesn't object

At the Russia-U.S. summit Helsinki, a key development has been differences in the attitude by U.S. federal officials to Russian interference in the American election process. Days after Washington charged 12 Russians with hacking the computer systems of U.S. officials, U.S. President Donald Trump has accepted the denial of Russian responsibility expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Stock exchange indexes showing varied trends; oil prices decline

Stock exchange indexes in USA and Europe showed varied trends on Monday, 16 July. Bank profit rise was reported for Q2.

Rezekne Council deputies will not be penalized for releasing newspaper in Russian language

The court has lifted fines previously applied by Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau on nine deputies of Rezekne City Council for releasing a newspaper produced by the council in Russian language in addition to Latvian.

Volume of imported petrol in Latvia down 2% in five months

The volume of motor fuel imported to Latvia in the first five months has declined 2% in comparison with the same period of 2017. The volume of diesel fuel has declined 14.9%.

Corruption watchdog ends case about Bi-2 concert in Riga

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau ended in May the case regarding possible misuse of administrative resources on pre-election promotion by Riga City Council in the form of a free Bi-2 concert in Lucavsala.

Thailand's rescued boys honour casualty of 17-day rescue operation

In Thailand, a 12 boys trapped in a cave have been rescued in a rescue operation that lasted for 17 days and ended with one casualty, a rescue diver.

Latvian political party Progresīvie to nominate women as candidate list leaders

Latvia political party Progresīvie has revealed its list of candidates for 13th Saeima elections. Five women have been stated as leaders of candidate lists.

Estonia earns 150 000 euros from military evaders annually

Estonian compulsory military service is evaded by about 1 000 young men each year, who have to pay fines that annually exceed the combined total of 150 000 euros.

Chairman: FCMC’s competence should end with termination of licenses if banks are liquidated

In the event of liquidation or insolvency, Finance and Capital Market Commission’s competence should end with revoking affected banks’ license and without the need to appoint an administrator, says FCMC chairman Pēters Putniņš.

Minister: Latvia may terminate MPC system in the next three years

In the next three years or so Latvia could completely terminate the mandatory procurement component system, said Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens in an interview to Rīta Panorāma programme of LTV.

In pictures: French victory in World Cup celebrated by tens of thousands in Paris

After the football World Cup was won by the French national team on Sunday, an enormous crowd of people gathered in central Paris to celebrate.

Another case of African swine fever infection recorded for domestic pigs in Latvia

African swine fever infection was recorded for domestic pigs in Tērvete on Monday, 16 July. 16 pigs were liquidated because of the infection, as reported by Food and Veterinary Service.

MEP Artis Pabriks becomes political party «Attīstībai/Par!» prime minister candidate

Latvian political party «Attīstībai/Par!» has picked Daniels Pavļuts, Juris Pūce, Ilze Viņķele, Artis Pabriks and Mārtiņš Bondars as its regional candidate list leaders. Artis Pabriks will also be the party’s prime minister candidate.

Russian-U.S. presidents meet in Helsinki

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are meeting on Monday in Helsinki.

Heat of up to +30° C expected in Latvia this week

Weather in Latvia will be warm and even hot at times this week, as air temperature reaches up to +30° C. At night, air temperature is not expected to go below +20° C. Many regions will likely experience thunderstorms closer to the middle of the week, Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre reports.

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