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Sunday 21.10.2018 | Name days: Severīns, Urzula

Finance Minister: lower VAT rates for basic goods – effective only for half-year

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Minister of Finance Andris Vilks

The issue with lower value added tax (VAT) rates for basic food products is that it is very difficult to administer, the Minister of Finance Andris Vilks indicates to LNT broadcast 900 sekundes.

Administration problems appear at the point when the basic goods have to be defined, for instance, the type of bread, as there are different kinds of bread, says Vilks, adding that the European Union (EU) is still struggling with this administrative section.

To his mind, lower rates for essential goods are possible in developed, large countries like Germany, Poland, but not in the Baltic States. Latvia is a small country and is not able to control its prices; therefore, such introduction of reduced rates would give an effect only for three to six months, Vilks claims.

Overall, it will be possible to assess next year’s economic results in the second half of 2011. As concerns the tax raise, it will be difficult to avoid it, affirms the Minister, noting the tax increase should be applied next year, and not in 2012.

Vilks believes there is no evidence that consumption could reduce due to the tax policy. In recent months it was up by 6%, and next year with the overall economic background improving, this trend will continue.

The situation in labour market has become more positive, and the unemployment rates, as well as job positions could increase next spring, Vilks concedes. Similarly, the situation in the eurozone is calming down and the domestic market consumption begins to recover.

Moreover, the Minister of Finance points out forecasts for Latvia are relatively conservative, foreseeing that tax revenues next year will be over exceeded.

The bulk of reforms, which the government is carrying out, could be considered as long-term activities. Vilks indicates the government also aims to reach certain progress regarding education and health care.

Regarding the reduction of contributions to the 2nd Tier pension scheme –payments will be returned to their previous level as soon as the budget is settled. Vilks mentions there are constant talks with social partners; however, the requirement profile is wide and diverse. There are different requirements for business and employers and the government has to balance them.

The Minister disagrees that raising the minimum wage is not topical at the moment, because in this way employees’ salaries will attain the sum that is actually received.

Vilks also highlights that there will be no government resignation, as the ministry is open to compromises, colleagues have a very harmonised work, and everyone understands that something has to be reduced, so the solutions are looked for together.

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  1. nmmm says:

    Short-term solutions will not solve the issue.. :(

  2. Kiki says:

    But if the reduced rate would be applied only to basic food?

  3. Hans says:

    Even if reduced rates are effective for only several months, this measure would give some time to maybe consider more options.

  4. Interesanti gan! says:

    Piemēram,Vācijā samazinātā-7% PVN likme ir efektīva kopš tās ieviešanas 1993.gadā!

  5. Murgi! says:

    Ja jau tā būtu,tad pirmām kātrām jau sen tiktu atcelta 0% PVN likme bāzes pārtikas produktiem-Anglijā,Kanādā,Jaunzēlandē,Dienvidāfrikā,Zimbabvē,Dienvidkorejā,Meksikā,Indijā,Bangladešā,Šrilankā,Pakistānā,Afganistānā,Venecuēlā,Kolumbijā,Brazīlijā,Hondurasā,
    Belizā,Kostarikā,Fidži,Gajānā,Montserratā,Tobāgo un Trinidādā,Namībijā,Dominikānā u.t.t.

Central Election Commission approves results of 13th Saeima elections in Latvia

On Friday, 19 October, the Central Election Commission approved results of 13th Saeima elections. According to approved results, Harmony received 19.8% of votes, KPV LV – 14.25%, New Conservative Party – 13.59%, Attīstībai/Par – 12.04%, National Alliance – 11.01%, Union of Greens and Farmers – 9.91%, and New Unity – 6.69%.

Bill Gates met by Estonian Prime Minister

Estonian head of government Jüri Ratas has met with Bill Gates, the co-founder and former head of the American software giant Microsoft to look into possibilities to support Africa through research and development.

Latvia’s general budget deficit estimated around EUR 155.7 million

In 2017, general government budget deficit accounted for EUR 155.7 million or 0.6 % of the Gross Domestic Product and general government consolidated gross debt at the end of 2017 amounted to EUR 10 806.8 million or 40.0 % of the GDP.

Latvijas Radio predicts to have 35.7% of radio market in the near future

In the next five years Latvijas Radio expects to own 35.7% of the radio market. Additionally, it is also expected that the audience listening over the internet and social media will increase significantly. «Eight out of ten listeners completely trust the content reported by public media,» as reported by Latvijas Radio representative Ieva Aile.

Producer price level in Latvian industry down 5%

Compared to August, level of producer prices in the Latvian industry fell by 0.4 % in September 2018. Level of prices of products sold on the domestic market reduced by 0.7 %, but of exported products – by 0.2 %.

ABLV Bank successfully pays 69% of all guaranteed remuneration amount

The liquidated ABLV Bank has repaid clients EUR 328.66 million, which is 69% of the guaranteed remuneration amount, as confirmed by Citadele Bank’s corporate communications manager Ieva Prauliņa.

CEC to approve and announce the final 13th Saeima election results

On Friday, 19 October, the Central Election Commission will organize a meeting, during which it is planned to approve the final results of 13th Saeima elections and announce deputies elected to the parliament, as reported by CEC representative Kristīne Bērziņa.

Corruption watchdog asked to look into Ventspils City Council’s and Ventspils nafta termināls’ EUR 2.5 million deal

Latvia’s State Audit has asked Finance Ministry and Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau to investigate the deal worth EUR 2.5 million between SIA Ventspils nafta terminals and Ventspils City Council, as noted in the report from State Audit’s inspection of the 2017 report on state and municipal budgets’ completion.

EU in favour of using sanctions against cyber-attacks, chemical weapons' threats

The member states of the European Union have in this week's summit decided to implement sanctions over threats of chemical weapons and expressed readiness to implement sanctions against cyber-attacks.

Canadian cannabis shops face shortages on 2nd day of legalisation

Cannabis stores in Canada have experienced shortages on the second day since the legalisation of recreational cannabis, as the demand is much higher than the supply of the drug.

Latvian parties’ talks with the president fail to outline a prime minister candidate

Parties that met with Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis on Thursday, 18 October, failed to name prime minister candidates they would support. Nevertheless, parties did confirm the desire to form as wide a coalition as possible by continuing talks with all parties except Harmony.

Putin: People in ex-Soviet Republics had more opportunities during USSR

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has asserted that people in Russia's neighbouring countries, once under Soviet occupation, regretted the end of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Autumn-like weather to end October’s unusually warm period

Soon enough, the warm weather that was present throughout this week and most of October will be replaced be colder weather. Air temperature will drop considerably at the end of the week. Wind will pick up in strength at the beginning of next week, as reported by Latvia’s Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Merkel finds Brexit agreement still doable, but time running out

German Chancellor Angela Merkel evaluated after this week's summit of the European Union, that there is not much time left for an agreement on the UK leaving the bloc, but it a deal should still be realistically attainable.

Lithuania opposition MP: «The ruling majority muddles through a «foxy» budget»

For the fifth consecutive year, Lithuania’s new budget, now for 2019, is described as «record» due to the size of surplus and the hefty allocations to education, health care, innovations and reduction of social inequality.

Majority of Latvian residents believe the government does not respect their opinion

The majority of Latvian residents are convinced their government does not respect society’s opinion on different matters, according to results of a survey by SKDS.

Minister: results of European Council talks on Brexit are not surprising

The fact that talks organized by the European Council regarding Britain’s exit and conditions have concluded with no real progress, is nothing surprising, says Latvia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs.

After Crimea college shooting, authorities look for accomplice

After a school in Russian-annexed Crimea suffered a shooting and explosive attack, with 20 people killed, the Russian occupation authorities have stated that a search is on for a possible accomplice to the attacker.

Number of newborns continues to decline in Latvia

The number of births registered over the first nine months of 2018 is 1,267 children or 8 % smaller than that registered in the respective period of 2017.

State Audit finds it difficult to follow use of funding for Latvia’s Centenary events

According to Latvian State Audit, it is hard to follow the use of funding intended for Latvia’s Centenary events.

EU and Britain agree to disagree, maybe for several months

After the European Union's summit decided that not enough progress has been achieved in Brexit talks to hold a separate Brexit summit in November, London has expressed readiness to consider the prolonging of the divorce transition period for some months.

Anti-Money Laundering Service to be supervised by Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers

On Thursday, 18 October, members of the Saeima supported amendments to the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in the first reading.

Latvian Saeima conceptually approves new Law on the Handling of Weapons

On Thursday, 18 October, members of the Latvian Saeima conceptually supported the project for a new Law on the Handling of Weapons. The legislative draft provides new classifications of arms and munitions, as well as coordination with EU regulations on weapons handling, as reported by Saeima’s press-service.

Latvia’s smallest 10th grade class has only three pupils

Latvia’s smallest 10th grade class has only three pupils, says Education and Science Ministry’s Education Department director Līga Buceniece.

Clocks to be turned one hour back on 28 October

28 October marks the end of daylight savings time in Latvia and elsewhere in the world. This is when all clocks are to be turned one hour back, Latvian Economy Ministry reminds.

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