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Sunday 16.06.2019 | Name days: Justīne, Juta

KPV LV prepares new government’s declaration with 30 directions

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUKPV LV political party has prepared a draft for the next government’s declaration with 30 directions if leadership over Latvia’s government is entrusted to this party’s prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems. Politologist Filips Rajevskis, meanwhile, believes this will not help the president pick the next prime minister.

The declaration’s preamble mentions that «the government should concentrate all available resources on creating a well-governed, modern and fair country, where every person feels needed and lives in social comfort».

To improve tax collection, the party plans to analyse opportunities to implement differentiated tax rates in different industries and regions. As for the education sector, KPV LV intends to significantly improve pre-school education programmes, as well as transfer supervision over the school network from municipalities to the state in order to ‘actually’ implement unified education standards. To raise education quality, the party plans to extend the school year and make sure schools teach modern skills, as mentioned in the ‘Fair and growing Latvia!’ document.

«Gobzems’ declaration mentions the need to reduce the number of high schools, as well as implement the principle of having only one high-school receive financing from the state budget starting from 2021. It is planned to provide school programmes with lessons on sexual and reproductive health.

Decisive steps towards liberalization of the pharmaceutical market are planned for healthcare policy. Foreign experts are planned to be attracted to evaluate medicines and investigate possible deviations from optimal price formation principles. It is also planned to lift territorial restrictions for pharmacies and permit sales of non-prescribed medicines in retail stores to increase competition.

Similar to the school network, it is planned to transfer supervision over hospitals to the state. KPV LV wants e-health system to become a convenient and safe platform to store patients’ medical history.

From 1 July 2019, it is promised to completely cease the use of the MPC mechanism. It is also planned to form a Top 20 exporters council. The prime Minister will be in charge of this council. It is also planned to form a special institution that will provide politically independent and professional representation in company councils. Latvian Railway is also planned to undergo restricting by means of dividing the infrastructure component from cargo and passenger transport services.

The party also commits to lifting payment of real estate tax for residents’ only home starting from 2021. KPV LV also plans to contribute to generation of electricity from renewable energy resources, perform a comprehensive restoration of roads in Latvia, as well as put an end to the railway electrification project and divert finances from it to other programmes intended to improve mobility.

The political party also plans to provide state grants for the construction of new kindergartens. In the culture sector it is planned to implement a kind of national concert hall project that would create no doubts about the correctness of its implementation. In state governance, it is planned to assess opportunities to combine functions of related ministries,» as explained in the document. Meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers will be closed to improve the quality of discussions.

It is planned to analyse opportunities for implementation of differentiated tax rates in different industries and regions. To reduce parties’ reliance on private donations, it is planned to increase state funding for political parties three times starting with 2020. It is also planned to provide automatic access to official secrets for Saeima deputies and ministers.

Gobzems’ declaration details other proposals for environment, infrastructure, science, culture, sports, child and family care policy, employment, social protection, housing and quality of life, public, state and municipal governance, fiscal policy, justice, state protection, prevention of money laundering activities, internal security and energy field on its nine pages.

Politologists Iveta Kažoka and Filips Rajevskis on the declaration: «Compilation of a government declaration by KPV LV before President Raimondas Vējonis nominates a prime minister candidate is understandable».

Kažoka mentioned that development of such a document by KPV LV could be explained with the president’s involvement in the government formation talks. «This is a normal process in such a strange situation, when the president made it a competition by not announcing a prime minister candidate. Because of that, parties are forced to manoeuvrer and decide how best to act,» said Kažoka.

According to her, the importance of this declaration project depends on the number of points detailed in it the party is prepared to stand and fight for.

Rajevskis, on the other hand, believes KPV LV party’s prepared declaration project can be considered a political programme document. «It should be taken seriously. Currently we see a situation when a 4,000 word programme is mandatory before elections. At the same time, we have no specific requirement for documents. This one we can consider a political programme document that was clarified and expanded after elections. But it will become a declaration only if representatives of multiple parties sign it,» Rajevskis explained.

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Latvian parliament in no rush to discuss Jewish restitution payment of EUR 40 mln

The Latvian Saeima has postponed the discussion of a draft law to compensate the Latvian Jewish community in the amount of 40 million euros for property confiscated by totalitarian powers in the mid-20th century in the then occupied Latvia.

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Latvian Supreme Court chairman Ivars Bičkovičs has misrepresented to the Prime Minister the opinion of the Justice Council on the plan of a new economic cases’ court, says Latvian Justice Minister Jānis Bordāns. Two members of the council voted in favour of the establishment of the new court, while nine members were against it.

Latvian Health Ministry pushing for fairer competition in medicines’ market

Seeking lower prices of medicines for patients on the Latvian market, the country’s Health Ministry, is working on measures to improve access to medicines.

Approved: Latvian financial watchdog to have new management, more duties

The Latvian parliament has passed amendments to the Law of the Financial and Capital Market Commission aimed at strengthening the prevention of money laundering and terrorism funding in the financial and capital market.

Latvia cancels healthcare funding system of «two baskets»

People in Latvia will maintain access to healthcare services in the framework of mandatory health insurance by 2021 just as now, regardless of insurance payments made.

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As Estonia tries to recover its alcohol customers lost to neighbouring Latvia due to high excise duty, the parliament in Tallinn has passed a 25% cut in excise duty rate.

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Lithuania's next President set to take bull by horns in tackling poverty

Lithuania’s president-elect Gitanas Nausėda has touched one issue – social exclusion and high level of income inequality in Lithuanian society – a lot more than all the others.

Latvian aviation can reach level of Sweden in ten years, says Transport Minister

The aviation sector of Latvia could by 2030 reach with increased efforts the level of Sweden in terms of passenger numbers, flights and cargo handling per capita, stated Latvian Transport Minister Tālis Linkaits.

New Riga concert hall, pay rise to cultural workers – priorities of nominee for Latvian Culture Minister

Candidate for the Latvian Minister of Culture, Nauris Puntulis, listed to the construction of a new national concert hall in Riga and a pay rise to public cultural workers as his top priorities in an interview with BNN news portal.

Latvian ex-children’s home closed after violations, alleged crimes by ex-director

The operations of Latvian Family support centre Saulstari have been stopped by the Latvian Welfare Ministry over violations of law, while a criminal case against the former head of the children’s home continues.

Poll: Latvian government work receives historically highest rating: -25

The evaluation of the work of the Latvian government, despite still being negative, has this May reached its historically highest level, according to the results of the Latvian Barometer study prepared by SKDS pollster.

Damage recovery rights planned for Latvian State Audit

A Latvian Saeima committee approved on Wednesday, June 12, amendments to the State Audit Law to grant the institutional watchdog rights to recover damages from responsible persons over violations of law found during inspections.

For Latvia Jewish property restitution, 40-million- euro compensation proposed

To compensate to the Latvian Jewish community for the property that was illegally confiscated during the Holocaust and the Communist totalitarian regime, a 40-million- euro compensation has been proposed by the Development/For! party alliance.

Air quality in port city of Ventspils meets all requirements, municipality confirms

In the Latvian port city of Ventspils, the data of air quality monitoring meet all requirements, BNN learnt from the City Council’s chief expert of Environmental Monitoring, Tatjana Valdmane.

KNAB reprimands Lembergs’ deputy over accepting donation from mobile operator

Latvian Corruption Combatting and Prevention Bureau has reprimanded Guntis Blumbergs, the deputy of Ventspils City Council Chairman Aivars Lembergs, over accepting a donation from mobile operator LMT, according to information on KNAB’s website.

Amid fears of Latvian real estate tax hike, Kariņš pledges no dramatic increase

As the Latvian Justice Ministry has drafted new rules of the cadastre evaluation of real estate, Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš promised in an interview with the LNT channel not to permit a dramatic hike in real estate tax.

Russia frees, drops charges against journalist Golunov in «triumph of law»

Russian authorities have freed journalist Ivan Golunov from Latvian-based news outlet Meduza. The authorities also dropped all charges against the man, which, Golunov’s lawyer says, amounts to the triumph of law.

Turnover of Latvia’s State Forests up 20,1%, profits – up 22,8% in Q1

Latvian state forest management company Latvia’s State Forests has in the first quarter of 2019 reached a turnover of 89,751 million euros, which is an increase of 20.1% as compared to the respective period in 2018, data published by the company showed.

New defence lessons in Latvian schools could cost 8 million euros in 2026

As Latvia considers introducing a mandatory national defence lessons in school curriculum, the costs of this novelty could reach 8.16 million euros by 2026, estimates by the Latvian Defence Ministry showed.

Latvian foreign trade turnover up 9.5 in April on year

In April 2019 the foreign trade turnover of Latvia was 9.5% larger than a year ago, of which the exports value of goods was 2.9% and imports value of goods 15.3% higher, show provisional data of the Latvian Central Statistical Bureau.

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