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Wednesday 17.10.2018 | Name days: Karīna, Gaits

KPV LV: someone is trying to ruin our party’s reputation

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUAn attempt is being made to ruin KPV LV’s reputation, said Saeima deputy Artuss Kaimiņš at a press conference organized on Monday, 25 June, in relation to last week’s events, when Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau detained Kaimiņš, Atis Zakatistovs and businessman Viesturs Tamužs.

«All of us understand very well that none is waiting for us in the Saeima,» said Kaimiņš.

Viesturs Tamužs about his detainment: «In the morning on Wednesday, 20 June, four officers of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau knocked on my apartment’s door. Lawyers arrived shortly after. Then a search was performed in my apartment, my son’s apartment and my summer home. Then I was put in a cell».

As previously reported, CPCB detained the three aforementioned persons as part of a criminal case regarding possible illegal financing of KPV LV party. All of the accused were later released and applied with security measures.

Tamužs says there are two main things accusations against him focus on: the 2016 consultancy contract signed between Eco Baltia and Atis Zakatistovs’ owned Per capita company and an anonymous video on the internet.

‘In 2000, Eco Baltia reached out to a high-class consultant Atis Zakatistovs, PhD, and one of the most notable specialists in Latvia when it comes to lobby matters to have him assist with EU and Latvian legislation matters that affect the company’s work,’ says Tamužs.

He admits speaking with Atis Zakatistovs outside the parliament about matters of philosophy, which the businessman studies remotely in some British university. «I do very much respect Atis for his knowledge,» he said.

Tamužs adds that the contract between Eco Baltia and Per capita was signed correctly. Every month reports were compiled for matters studied by the company. Eco Baltia paid the company accordingly.

Zakatistovs also mentioned at the press-conference that he provided consultancy services to the company. He added that he is innocent in the accusations regarding possible fictive business activities at Per capita.

Tamužs’ version is that CPCB’s actions were carefully orchestrated. He says there was also dishonest denunciation, the possible author of which is chairman of Tamužs’ owned Eco Baltia – Māris Simanovičs.

He also admits meeting a lot with Atis Zakatistovs and Artuss Kaimiņš: «Yes, we have discussed politics a lot. They are sympathetic people. I enjoy talking and joking with them».

The businessman adds he would gladly share advice with them in politics, because he has experience forming new parties. However, he says he has never wanted to help out financially.

As for the anonymous video, Tamužs says: «I do not want to provide any comments on what is shown in that video». He adds that «the video is rubbish and it was compiled from different materials».

Artuss Kaimiņš notes that for the first time in the history of free Latvia authorities have detained a Saeima deputy. He says once Saeima’s permitted his detainment, CPCB should have sent him a notification to come to the bureau.

As for the detainment by CPCB, Kaimiņš says everything happened to quickly and he still has no idea why his, his grandmother’s and his mother’s apartments were searched and his office in the Saeima was not.

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