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Monday 23.07.2018 | Name days: Magda, Magone, Mērija

650 000 of Latvia population take part in online Census 2011

More than 650 000 of the residents of Latvia have registered in the population census 2011 electronically, according to the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) data.

Businessmen rate Dombrovskis government as mediocre and rather good

On a scale from 2 to 9 (poor – very good), entrepreneurs assess the two-years work of the government led by the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis between mediocre and rather good, giving it 5.63.

Dropping companies average capital

Upon analysing capital of the companies registered during the past ten years, it can be seen the greatest capital was recorded in 2005, when it amounted to 606.2 million lats, while 2010 saw the biggest drop, declining by 38.19%.

Prime Minister concedes 10% pensions cuts

For the sake of budget stabilization, the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis is considering the possibility of reducing pensions by 10%, the Prime Minister admitted.

Lattelecom not affected by crisis

Despite the crisis, in 2010 the telecommunications company Lattelecom managed to maintain the turnover at the level of 2009. Namely, the company concluded last year with a turnover of 139 million lats, which is approximately the same as a year before, the Chairman of Lattelecom Board Juris Gulbis reveals.

Lukoil loses 164 million lats on dropping assets value

The major private oil company in Russia Lukoil lost 164 million dollars last year, propelled by a drop in a number of assets values.

China to boost investments in nuclear energy

China plans to increase investment volume in technology development and training of qualified workers in the nuclear energy sector, in order to reduce the country’s dependence on the global oil market.

Latvia’s GDP per capita last year – 3 039 lats

In 2010, Latvia’s gross domestic product per head (at constant prices) was 3 039 lats, which is by 11 lats more than in 2009, when it was 3 028 lats. In the Q1 of 2010, the GDP per capita (at constant prices) amounted to 651 lats.

Snoras paid 3.508 million lats for Latvijas Krājbanka shares

Lithuanian AB Bankas Snoras (Snoras) paid the minority shareholders of Latvijas Krājbanka 3.508 million lats for the purchase of their shares, according to NASDAQ OMX Riga stock exchange data.

Dow Jones industrial average tumbles record-low since August 2010

Dow Jones industrial index has reached its biggest drop in the stock market since last August. This is due to the unemployment rise, trade deficit and China’s export growth slowdown, raising concerns about the emergence of another US economic pitfall.

GDP shrank by 0.3% last year

Compared to 2009, in 2010 the gross domestic product in 2010 decreased by 0.3%,while compared to the exact period in 2009, it has risen by 3.6% in Q4 of 2010.

Census counters to be paid regardless number of households visited

Settlement with the company carrying out population Census 2011 will not depend on the number of households census counters visit, the Central Statistical Bureau deputy director Pēteris Veģis says, adding that online Census has been extended up to March 12, due to extensive interest in electronic registration.

North Japan sees tsunami after massive quake

On Friday, March 11, 8.9-point earthquake shook Japan’s northern territory, causing a tsunami wave flooding the coast and nearby houses, reports CNN.