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Saturday 22.09.2018 | Name days: Maigurs, Mārica, Māris

Expert: large number of indecisive Latvians in 10th Saeima elections

The phenomenon of the 10th Saeima elections was a large number of indecisive voters among the ethnic Latvian population, the Head of the research centre Latvijas fakti Aigars Freimanis pointed out.

Latvia Finance Minister Candidate: reduced VAT rate abolition will not help the budget

There is no need to revoke the reduced VAT rates for books, electricity and tourism, because it will not produce significant benefit for the budget, believes the party Unity Candidate for the Minister of Finance post Andris Vilks.

Professor: 2011 budget sets even stricter austerity measures

Despite the painful budget cuts implemented previously, 2011 budget provides even more stricter austerity measures, believes Harvard Business School Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness senior researcher Christian Ketels.

Russia’s economic growth slows down

During the nine months of 2010, Russia’s gross domestic product increased by 3.4%, although the country’s overall economic growth started to slow down in September.

Number of purchases on leasing decrease even more this year

Over the nine months of 2010 the volume of new leasing transactions reached 125.7 million lats, which is 41.9 million lats per quarter. Last year the average new transaction volume per quarter was 46.1 million lats.

Guardian: UK records economic policy deficit

The United Kingdom (UK) has been the smaller brother of the United States (US) for years, which US has made use of, currently this is also reflected in the UK economic policy.

Clothing buyers in Latvia overpay 16 times

Clothing prices in Latvia are comparatively high, therefore purchasers often overpay 16 times, said Latvian Light Industry Head Guntis Strazds.

Facing risk of clients leaving, LMT offers special tariff

Another Tele2 «meteorite» of four lats a month has influenced LMT as well: when Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) clients want to leave the operator, they are offered a copy of Meteorite called Special Tariff 4, which is not actually on sale.

VAT rate likely to be raised next year

The value added tax rate could be raised up to 23-24% next year – such budget deficit reduction variant is currently being actively discussed within the political circles.

50 Latvijas Finieris shareholders interested in stock sale to Sveza

Up till now, already fifty AS Latvijas Finieris shareholders expressed an interest in selling company’s shares to the competitor – Russian plywood manufacturer Sveza, specified the company’s spokesperson Ieva Kukule.

Latvia shows EU record number of future businessmen

Currently one out of 20 economically active population is a future businessman and another - an owner of a new enterprise, which is one of the highest indicators among the European Union (EU) member states.

Month and a half delay in payments for water in Riga

Clients' payments for water supplied by the company Rīgas ūdens delay for a month and a half on average.

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