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Saturday 17.08.2019 | Name days: Oļegs, Vineta

Food prices to double by 2030

Prices of staple foods may double by 2030, according to the International charity Oxfam. In case world leaders do not take action by adopting respective measures, cost of the most important crops could skyrocket 120-180% in the next 20 years.

Newsec: property market recovery in Latvia lags behind other Baltics

Despite having activated in the past nine months and showing certain signs of optimism, Latvian real estate market recovery still lingers behind the one in the rest of the Baltic states, Olga Kozina, Newsec Latvia managing director, told the business news portal BNN.

Estonians shopping more at Latvia’s stores after euro introduction

Although Kalev Petti, sociologist at the Estonian sociological research company Faktum&Ariko, argues Latvians are shopping in Estonia, while Estonians pretend not to know Latvian goods, in fact, the neighbouring country’s residents gladly shop at stores in Latvia and do not spurn the Latvian-produced goods.

Latvia State Radio and Television Centre privatization likely to be mulled

The Latvian State Radio and Television Centre privatization might be considered as one of the scenarios for selling the state-owned shares in Lattelecom and LMT.

Ex-Prosecutor General: influential people not interested in combating corruption in Latvia

There are influential people in Latvia that are hindering the development of democracy and are not interested in combating corruption, as their main objective is to gain benefit through politics, the ex-Prosecutor General Jānis Maizitis is convinced.

Latvian Farmers Federation: tax policy destroys agriculture

Amendments to the law on the personal income tax provides applying 10% tax to goods purchased for farm households' personal needs. This is destroying the Latvian agriculture, according to Latvian Farmers Federation.

Yuan hits record high against dollar

Chinese national currency yuan rose record high against the dollar, setting the its central parity rate against the US dollar at 6.4856.

Well-paid people expect housing price gains

May, 2011, shows the sentiment of people in terms of housing price gains is affected not only by their level of income but also education. Housing prices will surge in the nearest year's time, say 38% of respondents with high income, 32% with medium-income and only 20% with low income.

Saeima to elect Latvia President on June 2

The President of Latvia elections will be held on June 2, the Saeima Presidium decided today, May 30.

Retail trade turnover shrinks 1%

Compared to March 2011, the total retail trade turnover in April 2011 was down 1%, according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices.

CPCB deputy head sure oligarchs case will not fail

Knowing all the proofs and results of the searches I am confident the case will not fail, says Juta Strīķe, deputy head of Latvia Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

Insurers to combat rogue car services

Insurers will try to combat «rogue car services» not paying taxes through economical methods.

Six officials involved in Latvian oligarchs case

11 persons in total are linked to the so called oligarchs case, including 6 public officials, says Juta Strīķe, deputy head of the Corruption prevention and Combating Bureau.

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