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Friday 06.12.2019 | Name days: Niklāvs, Niks, Nikolajs

Balticovo: egg prices to go up

Given that feed grain prices are gaining, chicken eggs producer AS Balticovo will be forced to raise prices, according to Arnis Veinbergs, board chairman at the company.

Russia to hit new gas extraction records

Russian gas extraction is set to hit 671 billion cubic meters this year, outrunning the performance of a year earlier by 3.4% and the the previous all-time-high in 2008 - 665 billion cubic meters - by 1%.

Estonian Air to spend 400 million euro on new aircraft

The Estonian airline Estonian Air is set to spend 400 million euro by 2015 to purchase thirteen new aircraft. Tero Taskila, President of Estonian Air, is to submit the new investment plan to the Economy Minister Juhan Parts until late September.

Gold price surges after dropping 2%

On Tuesday, August 30, gold regained strength after falling by more than 2% in the previous session. At the same time, it is forecast that economic activity and easing concerns over re-recession in the U.S. could limit the gold price surge.

41% want a new face as the head of anti-corruption bureau

41% of all the economically active population aged 18-55 say the new head of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau should be sought outside its staff, according to the social research agency TNS Latvia.

Political parties promise a stable tax policy

Although years of the crisis saw a series of changes in the tax policy, from now on political parties are resolved to ensure its stability by not carrying out significant changes in the main taxes in the next few years.

Excise tax raise attracts Finnish alcohol-tourists to Estonia

In 2012, several taxes will be increased in Finland, including the excise tax on alcohol. Due to this Estonia can expect a higher number of Finnish tourists.

Life insurance sector compensates 8% more

In the first half of 2011, life insurance companies in Latvia wrote premiums totalling 23.7 million lats, according to Latvian Insurers' Association.

Liga Mengelsone - new head of Latvian Employers Confederation

Liga Mengelsone is appointed the new president of Latvian Employers Confederation. As reported, Elina Egle, the former head of the confederation, has taken up the post of the president Andris Berzins' advisor on economic, business and employment issues.

Labourists block BSkyB and media giant Murdoch deal

UK labourists are set to introduce law amendments no to allow News Corp. media giant Rupert Murdoch to go for a repeated bid to purchase the largest UK-based pay satellite operator BSkyB.

Statoil intends to replace 95E petrol with 95Ultima, currently lowering its price

Latvija Statoil has started restructuring its fuel supply. The first step has already been implemented by reducing the mark-up for 95Ultima petrol. Further on, it will always cost less.

Russia resumes sugar exports

After twelve years of disruption, Russia has resumed its sugar exports by concluding supply agreements with Tajikistan and Kyrgyz companies, whose names, however, are not disclosed yet.

Brent falls below 111 dollars

Brent crude dropped below 111 dollars a barrel amid oil refineries along the U.S. coast weathering one of the most dangerous tropical storms - Irene, thus easing fear over oil supply disruptions.

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