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Tuesday 18.12.2018 | Name days: Klinta, Kristaps, Kristofers, Krists

Consumer credit interest rates may drop 2-3% this year

With the competition in the market getting sharper and sharper, this year's interest rates on consumer credits might fall 2-3%, says SIA Board Chairman Anželika Hotelovica.

RSK to auction vehicle, art items and office equipment

The soon to be liquidated RSK Apdrošināšanas AS is selling with an upward bid such movable property as a car, art objects, computer equipment, office furniture and equipment at an open, oral auction.

Minimal growth expects Latvian timber industry

This year will bring only minimal growth to Latvian timber industry, due to full load of production capacity and limited local resources. In order to boost turnover, producers should switch to goods with higher value added, economists are convinced.

Expert: Estonia making substantial input in eurozone

Estonia did not join the eurozone to be its poorest member, but to show other countries a new attitude towards the financial policy, points out the Estonian Minister of Finance Jürgen Ligi.

Industrial production output drops by 0.3%

In November 2010, the industrial production output at current prices accounted for 373.6 million lats. Compared to October 2010, in November 2010 the industrial production volume has decreased by 0.3%, according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices.

Economic development boosts oil price spike

Oil price keeps climbing, reaching 91 US dollars per barrel at the moment. One of the price spike reasons is the economic recovery, which might propel the price exceeding 100 US dollars per barrel later this year.

Europe to keep facing economic problems also in 2011

Millions of Europeans are used to waking up with a hangover after the New Year celebration, but it cannot even be compared to how several of eurozone member states governments will feel like in 2011, reports BBC.

Tourists left without New Year entertainment

Tens of thousands of tourists, who had arrived to Riga to celebrate the New Year from Scandinavia, Russia and other countries, had to spend the holidays at hotel, since most restaurants and coffee shops in Riga centre were closed on January 1, Riga City Council Deputy Chairman Andris Ameriks points out his discontent.

Long-term gas contracts becoming unprofitable

Long-term gas supply contracts for ten years, where the price is tied to the mazut price with three to nine months lag were once considered as a security guarantee, however, they are becoming unprofitable.

Restaurant Vairāk saules succeeded in tackling crisis

Remuneration will start growing and people will get their spirit of life back, the restaurant Vairāk saules co-owner Endijs Berzins told about their lesson of the crisis to the business news portal BNN.

Construction costs drop by 0.9%

Compared to October, in November the construction costs in Latvia dropped on average by 0.9%. Maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment fell by 1.4%, labour wages – by 1.1%, while the price of building materials – by 0.6%.

Latvian «flawed democracy» ranks the 48th

After evaluating the democracy development and its pace, the British magazine The Economist analysts rank Latvia as the 48th «flawed democracy».

Latvia’s most subscribed newspaper – Latvijas Avīze, magazine – Ieva

Throughout Latvia more than 443 thousand periodical subscriptions have been made for the following year. The number of subscriptions is similar to the last year’s data, suggesting stable habits of people in Latvia.

Demographic scientist: immigrant inflow in Latvia to increase after five years

Most likely, after the year 2015 the flow of immigrants to Latvia will increase; moreover, according to the demographic scientist Ilmārs Mežs, there are many coveters.

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