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Saturday 17.08.2019 | Name days: Oļegs, Vineta

France emerges first in foreign investment attraction

Last year, Europe reported a sharp increase in foreign investments, amounting even to the pre-crisis figures. A record number of the European Union projects is funded by Asia, North America and Middle East countries.

Corruption Prevention Bureau searches also Mediju nams

On May 26, Latvia Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) carried out a search also at the publishing house SIA Mediju nams, which was already expecting the visit of the Bureau.

Swedbank warns of fake letters

Several Swedbank clients were sent fake letters today, May 26, asking to approve the e-mail address by clicking on the site which then asks for online banking passwords, the bank's press secretary Kristīne Jakubovska told the business news portal BNN.

Building insulation boosts construction material trade

This year heat insulation materials will play key role on the building material market, because the heat insulation in buildings is significantly promoted by projects attracting the European Union, national and local government funding.

Latvian insurers not refunding trips cancelled due to volcano eruption

Unlike in Western countries, the Latvian insurance market currently does not offer to compensate cancelled flights due to volcano eruption and the refund posibilities are limited only to emergency return flight expenses, indicates, Agris Auce, head of the Latvian Professional Insurance Broker’ Association.

CPCB launches criminal proceedings on alleged bribery and laundering

Latvia Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau carried out massive searches on May 25 in line with criminal proceedings initiated on May 20 on bribery, money laundering, abuse of public office and breach of limitations the law stipulates for public officials.

Economy Ministry: wind parks construction in sea calls for serious planning

Construction of wind parks in the sea should be carefully planned and carried out in a determined manner in line with environment, fishing, navigating, security and the interests of the residents of Latvia, according to Economy Ministry.

New Latvenergo tariffs trigger chaos

Non-existence of direct contracts with Latvenergo was one of the first stumbling blocks the residents of Latvia faced in the first month the new tariffs were introduced.

Finance Minister: Latvia's growth - as ephemeral as bolides

Economic growth after joining the European Union was as bright as the bolide that visited Latvia just recently, however, it also came to an end in as bright manner, Finance Minister Vilks told in the conference on European Economic Area and Use of Norwegian financial instrument.

Belorussians lose over a billion dollars on devaluation

Residents of Belarus with deposits at Belorussian banks have lost over a billion dollars due to the official currency devaluation. In early April, people had deposited 9.7 trillion Belarus rubles in total (3.1 billion dollars).

Average salary grows 4.5% in Estonia

In the first quarter of 2011, the average gross monthly salary in Estonia hit 792 euro, while the hourly rate – 4.87 euro, reports Statistics Estonia.

Small companies violate workplace safety most often

In work safety area the worst situation is observed at small, newly-established enterprises, the State Labour Inspectorate concludes.

Hotels service 29% more people than in 2010

In the first quarter of 2011, hotels and other accommodation establishments serviced 247.1 thousand people, or 29% more than in the first quarter last year.

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