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Wednesday 26.06.2019 | Name days: Inguna, Inguns, Ausma, Ausmis

NP Foods turnover last year – 53.3 million lats

In 2010, the food company NP Foods turned 53.3 million lats. Costs efficiency promotion and optimum product portfolio maintenance enabled boosting profitability 50%.

Lukoil Baltija R head: petrol price might hit lat per litre in second half of year

If oil bourse price keeps gaining at the current pace, Latvia is likely to see benzin price hitting one lat per litre in the second half of the year, says Haim Kogan Lukoil Baltija R head.

Family benefits lack 11 million lats

The Welfare Ministry has failed to find resources for the state family benefit payments after July 1; therefore, it was requested from the Finance Ministry to seek about 11 million lats missing for benefit payments in the second half of the year.

Equipment weight restrictions hamper spring sowing

Although spring sowing time has already started, work is hindered by equipment weight restrictions and lack of seeds, the owner of farm Joži Gunvaldis Sproģis indicates.

Balticovo: speculative feed grain prices complicate situation in the industry

Although due to speculative feed grain prices the situation in the sector is complex, Latvia’s population have returned to the tradition to cook at home, boosting the eggs sales. For example, last year 500 million eggs were produced, Balticovo head Arnis Veinbergs points out.

Ober-Haus: rental market shows especial activity

Riga rental market has been especially active in the first quarter of 2011, with both locals and foreigners reporting equal interest, according to Ober-Haus.

Eggs, mayonnaise and Easter decorations sales spike at supermarkets

Since the Easter is celebrated by the majority of people, the Latvian supermarkets predict a surge in the overall sales volume during these holidays. Traditionally, the increase is observed in different food groups – mostly for eggs.

Thousands of Estonians plan looking for work abroad

Around 43 thousand or 4.7% of the economically active population in Estonia are interested in looking for work abroad. Moreover, they have already made steps to approach the goal, according to Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs study.

Apple second quarter revenues surge 83%, profit – 95%

In the second quarter of the fiscal year concluding in March, the technology giant Apple posted a record-high revenue and profit – 24.67 billion and 5.99 billion US dollars.

Estonian Air interested in acquiring Copterline

Estonian national carrier Estonian Air is planning to acquire a stake in the leading Finnish helicopter airline Copterline. It is said the deal has been delayed since Copterline shareholders have not yet made up their mind in terms of the possible sale.

Brent exceeds 124 dollars a barrel

Brent crude rose over 124 US dollars a barrel on Thursday, April 21, on US crude inventories falling unexpectedly and dollar growing weaker.

Consumers benefit from fuel price wars only in short term

Fuel traders wars are beneficial to consumers only in a short term, the Latvian Fuel Traders Association (LFTA) Chairman Mārtiņš Stirāns (Stirans) says.

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