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Sunday 18.11.2018 | Name days: Doloresa, Aleksandrs

Traders: closed supermarkets on Sundays would discourage tax inflow

Proposals on closed supermarkets on Sundays, that way supporting local traders and small shops, have provoked many discussions. Some traders get up to a half of their turnover at weekends and they warn if the suggestion was implemented, the state would lose revenue derived from tax, as well as the number of the unemployed would grow.

Southern Bridge completion needs a loan

This week Riga City Council decided to ask the Ministry of Finance (MF) permission to obtain a bank's loan, in order to complete the Southern Bridge.

Latvia faced the most severe crisis in the world

Gross Domestic Product drop was enormous in Latvia and the crisis you underwent can be considered the most severe the world has ever experienced, said the British newspaper Sunday Times economics editor David Smith.

Euribor likely to exceed Rigibor

It might happen the historical point is near - several Euribor rates that have reported climb over the last year could exceed the corresponding Rigibor rates.

IMF predicts rapid global economic growth slowdown

The International Monetary Fund has lowered its forecast regarding the global economic growth this year and next year to 3-4%.

VAT rise would increase households annual expenses by 100 lats

The revocation of reduced value added tax rates, and the VAT base rate raise would affect all the inhabitants of Latvia – the expenses of average family with three people would increase by approximately 100 lats per year, suggest the estimates of Swedbank Institute of Private Finances.

Estonia wants to repay Soviet-era debt to Latvia

The Estonian government is considering to repay Latvia more than two million kroons worth loan. Estonian Consulate General received the sum from the Latvian Republic’s embassy in Washington in 1989.

Lithuania selects floating LNG terminal location

The best place for the construction of re-gasification terminal, which will cost approximately 200 million euro, would be the Kiaules Nugara island situated in the southern part of the Klaipeda port, concluded the specially appointed Lithuanian government work group.

TEC-2 reconstruction halt might cost at least 150 million lats

A document has been prepared for the European Commission with the aim of terminating Riga’s second thermoelectric central reconstruction. If that happens, Latvenergo and consequently the state and consumers’ additional costs could exceed 150 million lats.

Energy efficiency allows companies to save

Companies have started to turn more attention not only to rentals but also causes of additional costs.

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: government declaration – constructive work basis

«Despite businessmen are not satisfied with the future government declaration development process, the content of the declaration is the key priority,» says Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Board Chairwoman Žaneta Jaunzeme – Grende.

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