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Brent surges over 109 U.S. dollars

On Wednesday, August 17, Brent crude stuck above 109 U.S. dollars per barrel.

Expert: above 50% likelihood U.S. and Europe will see re-recession

The probability that next year the United States and European countries will see a negative economic performance is above 50%, admits Harijs Švarcs, head of Swedbank's Investment Management.

Over 2 million lats granted for 11th Saeima elections

On Tuesday, August 16, the Cabinet of Ministers allocated 2 112 776 lats from the funds for emergencies to the Central Election Commission, iso that it could ensure the organization of 11th Saeima emergency elections.

EU's external trade surplus – 0.9 billion euro

In June 2011, the EU's external trade surplus is likely to amount to 0.9 billion euro, compared to 0.7 billion surplus last June, according to Eurostat data.

Eurostat estimates: Latvia’s second quarter GDP growth – the highest in EU

In the second quarter of 2011, the EU member states and the eurozone's GDP is likely to expand 2%, compared to the previous quarter. The largest quarterly GDP growth was registered in Latvia (2.2%), according to Eurostat estimates.

Germany admires Estonia’s ability to handle euro

In view of Europe facing debt burden and problems with the euro, rating agencies are paying more attention to many European countries. Meanwhile, Estonia has not debt and its ratings are getting better.

Expert: fund markets yet to see rock-bottom

In terms of uncertainty and risk, the financial markets are currently in a similar situation observed during the previous crisis, however, the rock-bottom has not been reached yet, considers Harijs Švarcs, head of Swedbank Investment Management.

Baltics electricity production – not paying off

It is not that the Baltic States do not have power stations to sustain their own electricity consumption, yet due to expensive energy and partly outdated technologies, it simply does not pay off to run them

Google to acquire Motorola Mobility

By early 2012, Google plans to buy Motorola Mobility Holdings. The transaction sum is likely to amount to almost 12.5 billion U.S. dollars. This will enable Google to become a competitive player on the mobile devices market.

Estonian guest workers earned 203 million euro abroad last year

In 2010, Estonia’s residents temporarily working abroad earned around 203 million euro (LVL 143 mln), according to the Estonian central bank Eesti Pank estimates.

airBaltic posts all-time-high performance

In July 2011, the Latvian airline airBaltic posted the best performance in its history, carrying 377 914 passengers (from Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn), which is 3% more than in the same period last year, Jānis Vanags, the company’s corporate communications vice-president, informed the business news portal BNN.

Gold prices keep surging

Gold prices hit a world record on August 10, while the London Commodity Exchange ended the week with gold price mounting to 1 736 U.S. dollars (1 219 euro) per troy ounce. However, prices fell on Friday, August 12, reporting a drop of 20 dollars (12 euro).

Brent rises over 108 dollars with economic tension declining

Brent crude gained on Monday, August 15, while the U.S. and Japan’s positive economic performance eased tension on financial markets, with investors turning to more volatile shares.

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