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Wednesday 29.01.2020 | Name days: Valērijs, Aivars

Financial market crisis might drive down export markets

It is hard to predict the impact financial market shocks could leave on Latvia’s prospects of attracting funds, in order to cover the deficit.

U.S. stock exchanges close with index increase

On Thursday, August 11, the U.S. stock exchanges closed on a significant increase in major indexes.

Brent drops below 108 dollars

Brent crude fell below 108 U.S. dollars a barrel on strong dollar. At the same time, concerns about demand in industrial countries are reflecting in the oil price politics, reports Reuters.

Economist: foreign direct investments surge more than ever

Various one-time events played their role in the negative current account balance, which forms 61.9 million lats deficit. First of all, foreign direct investors' dividend pay-outs (67 million lats) had a negative effect on the current account, says Dainis Stikuts, Swedbank senior economist.

IMF wants over 200 million euro from Estonia

In addition to hundreds of millions of euros Estonia is set to pay to EU bailout funds, it also needs to make impressive contributions to the International Monetary Fund. The current agreement provides Estonia is to invest more than 200 million euro in the IMF.

OCTA industry's losses – 800 000 lats

The first six months of 2011 brought no good for the OCTA industry, as insurance companies’ profit or loss calculation indicators report a loss of 800 000 lats.

Survey: Latvians don't trust in free loans

One fourth of Latvia population believe no fast crediting companies offer free loans to new clients, according to and social networking site survey.

Brent price drops on concerns of crisis spread

On Thursday, August 11, Brent crude dropped on concerns about demand, since Europe’s debt crisis has started to affect France and the United States' economic outlook is negative.

Banker: Citadele should be sold not sooner than in three years

Citadele Bank should be sold not earlier than in three years, since now is definitely not the right moment for sale, considers Inesis Feiferis, board member of AS Latvian Business Bank and former head of AS Latvian Mortgage and Land Bank.

Latvians discuss politics more often than other Europeans

When meeting with friends and relatives, Latvian citizens tend to discuss local political issues linked to a particular municipality or political issues of a national scale. 28% of Latvia population regularly converse about local political issues with their friends and relatives.

Hostile pre-election campaigns ahead

Security Police expects the emergency Saeima elections will bring much slandering of political parties and candidates delivered via mass media.

Small pensions not to be indexed

Following objections from the Saeima Committee of Social Affairs and the Employment Committee, the Finance Ministry has decided to submit for review in the first reading an alternative draft amendment to the law On State Pensions, excluding from it the proposal to resume the indexation of state pensions not exceeding 165 lats a month.

European bank to sell card business in US

The American bank Capital One Financial Corporation has agreed to acquire a card business in the United States from the British bank HSBC.

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