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Saturday 23.02.2019 | Name days: Haralds, Almants

LNT and TV3 might not offer free services

LNT and TV3 might stop free of charge broadcasting services, if the government does not introduce amendments to legislation on broadcasting tariffs.

Maternity benefits term not extended

Although before the elections almost every party talked about the demographical tendencies of Latvia and that it is necessary to promote birthrate, yesterday, On December 2, the parliamentary majority rejected the proposal to extend the term.

Specialists: cloud computing could save 10%–40% from company’s IT costs

The transfer to remote, hosted information technology services or cloud computing could save in the long term from 10% to 40% of IT related costs, such opinion was expressed during IT sector specialist discussion, which was organised by the business portal

Latvia Finance Ministry reveals ministries spending cuts

Today, December 2, the Finance Ministry in National Tripartite Council Meeting specified the ministries expenditure reduction provided in the next year's budget and presented the ministries proposals.

5.4% more taxes scheduled for collection next year

When formulating the next year’s budget, the government plans to charge by 5.4% more in taxes than it was collected this year, informs the Minister of Finance Andris Vilks.

17% of Estonian companies show wrong prices

17% of companies in Estonia show wrong prices of goods or services, according to Department of Consumer Protection conducted raid.

47% of Latvia inhabitants report salary drop in last few months

The remuneration of almost half of the economically-active population of Latvia (47%), aged 18 to 55 years, has decreased during the last 6-8 months.

Construction costs rise by 0.4% in Latvia

October 2010, compared to September, reports 0.4% construction costs rise in Latvia. Workers pay rose by 1.4%, while machinery and mechanisms maintenance and exploitation costs fell by 0.6%.

Riga airport passenger turnover increases by 15.8%

In the eleven months of 2010, Riga International Airport serviced 4 340 195 passengers, which is by 15.8 % or 591 235 passengers more than during the same period last year.

Starbucks ready «to end relationship» with Kraft

Starbucks has decided «to divorce» its long-time partner US coffee producer Kraft due to unsuccessful relationship, said the company's spokesman.

Latvian businessmen themselves will try to enter Russian market

Latvian and Russian businessmen have decided not to rely on the government and act. They have created a join company Latvian Chamber of Commerce (Lat - Latvijas Tirdzniecības nams, Rus - Torgovij Dom Latvija) with an aim to promote home goods entering the Russian market.

Lattelecom Board Chairman: Baltkom and IZZI merger will reduce competition

By merging Baltkom and IZZI an opposite effect will be achieved – the competitiveness will be reduced, because one of the merged companies has economic problems and the other – quality problems, also there is a huge monopoly in the television market, considers Lattelecom Board Chairman Juris Gulbis.

Economist: government of Latvia shifts problem burden to society

None of the government's adopted decisions can be regarded as promoting the economic development. They mostly mean shifting the problems burden from their shoulders to the society and businessmen, believes the economist Raita Karnīte.

Expert: European debt crisis is like «slow motion wreck»

More European countries will need aid until policy makers deal with the causes of their financial difficulties, consisting of too much government debt and not sufficient spending monitoring.