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Monday 20.01.2020 | Name days: Aļģirds, Orests, Oļģerts, Alģis

Dramatic number of illegal activities in Latvia

Over the three years, the number of illegal activities, such as cable theft, unauthorized construction and various damages, has increased dramatically, causing even greater chaos and losses.

Employees to dictate rules in 2011

The labour market has started to recover from the crisis, and compared to the previous period, the second half of 2010 saw a rise in activity due to the rapid economic activation on the external market, according to the observations of the LBCA.

Italian turmoil could trigger new global crisis

If Italy falls in an even deeper financial dip in terms of its bonds, it could paralyze the global economic recovery and flare up yet another global financial crisis, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts say.

Current family benefits to be retained

Starting from July 1, 2011, family benefits will be paid at the same extent as previously to all families that received them before. 11.16 million lats is a sum necessary for that matter, the Welfare Ministry informed the business news portal BNN.

Statoil profit shrinks nearly tenfold

Last year, the company Eesti Statoil generated 9.5 times smaller profit in the retail and wholesale segment than in 2009. The company puts this down to the fuel procurement price surge.

Finance expert: public stock flotation might save airBaltic

Considering the recent events and statements about the Latvian airline airBaltic, the best way would be to float the airline’s shares, bringing several substantial benefits, considers Vadim Jeroshenko, financial expert and board chairman of the company Laika Stars.

New currency to appear in Africa

A new currency is set to be launched within a week in South Sudan – a country officially founded in July 9, this year, announced the country’s Finance Minister David Deng Athorbei.

Twitter registered third-party apps hit 1 million

Social networking site Twitter has now shot up from 150,000 third-party apps a year ago to over 1 million apps as of today. Majority of these apps use tweets shared on Twitter in ways that the company itself does not via its official website or apps for smartphones and tablets.

Apple files new claim against HTC

Apple has filed another claim against the Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC, drawing attention to possible patent infringements.

Oil drops for third consecutive day

The oil price slipped down for the third day in a row, which is tied to the unresolved debt crisis issues in the eurozone, stoking concerns among investors and slowing down demand for energy.

Finns likely to guard Latvia’s border

The Finance Minister Andris Vilks is going to meet with the Finnish Ambassador on Wednesday, July 13, to discuss a cooperation project on bringing in Finnish border guards at Latvia’s border.

Road repairs at night and shift work are inefficient

The supervisory state institution and road builders believe intense road repair work is not efficient, pointing out that shifts and working at the weekends boost costs and are likely to leave a negative impact on the quality.

Chinese citizens found dead in container travelling via Latvia

Two dead Chinese citizens were found along with baby toys by Moscow customs officers when opening a container travelling via Latvia.

Russia allows vegetable imports from Czech Republic and Greece

Russia has granted permission to import vegetables from the Czech Republic and Greece, based on certificates guaranteeing safety of imported goods.

Violations at 232 000 lats extent found in healthcare services sector

Medical institutions or patients will have to return 232 thousand lats to the health care budget for infringements detected during the inspections by the Health Inspectorate.

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