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Most dangerous industries in Latvia – woodworking, construction and transport

In terms of number of accidents, woodworking, construction and transport are the most dangerous sectors in Latvia; moreover, workers with one-year experience suffer the most at workplace accidents.

Latvia to run out of reimbursable medicines funding

Along with growing number of patients, the funding of reimbursable drugs is in threats of getting a deficit of five million lats. However, the medicinal product funding in Latvia is still the lowest in the Baltic States and has been assessed as critical by the EU.

Skele mulls over options to liquidate People’s Party

The politician and businessman Andris Skele has discussed the possibilities of liquidating the People’s Party with its members. This would enable the party to avoid repaying 1.03 million lats for unlawfully spending funds on the «positivism campaign».

75% of Latvia’s citizens plan to vote on Saeima dissolution at referendum

During the referendum, the absolute majority (75%) of the economically-active citizens of Latvia, aged 18 to 55 years, are going to vote on the Saeima dissolution, suggests a survey conducted in late June 2011 by TNS Latvia and broadcast 900 sekundes.

Estonians convinced their financial situation will worsen within a year

Majority or 67.6% of Estonia’s residents are sure that after a year their financial situation will be worse than the current one.

Swedbank: gas tariff rise to affect majority of households

Gas tariff increase from July 1, this year, will affect the majority of Latvian households, according to Swedbank Private Financial Institute’s estimates.

Arab Emirates: oil prices too high and inadequate

The United Arab Emirates are sharply criticizing OPEC's decision not to increase oil output, questioning whether the reduction of strategic reserves will enhance the efficiency of top crude consumers.

NP Foods contests Danish professor for false allegations about waffles

The company NP Foods has filed an application to the Competition Council regarding unfair competition actions against its managed enterprises AS Laima and AS Staburadze.

Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals’ board member shot dead (updated)

The board member of Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals Sergei Goncharov was shot dead on July 1 morning.

Gas tariff rise to affect 70% of residents' financial situation

Majority (70%) of the economically-active residents of Latvia, aged 18 to 55 years, believes that the gas tariff increase, starting from July 1, this year, will affect their household’s financial situation.

Expert: abandoning pension system to take up several decades

Theoretically, it would be possible to abandon the current pension system; however, this would require several decades, believes Gunārs Kūtris, chief justice of the Constitutional Court.

US credit rating in treats of steep downgrade

The rating agency Standard & Poor's is ready to downgrade the US credit rating to «selective default» level if the White House does not pay the national debt worth 30 billion US dollars (LVL 14.67 bln) by August 4, this year.

Latvia to advocate the same EU funding

Latvia’s key priorities in the EU's multi-annual budget for the next programming period (2014/ 20) are: to maintain the Cohesion Policy envelope (financing for structural funds and Cohesion Fund) at least at the same level (of 2007/ 13 programming period) and to attain fair direct payments to all EU member states’ farmers.

Belarus asks Russia to freeze the gas price

Belarus has requisted Russia to freeze the gas price this year, announced Vladimir Semashko, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister. So far, Belarus, who is currently facing an economic crisis, has managed to pay for Gazprom's supplied gas within the set time-limits.

No drivers licence needed in Estonia from July 1

Starting from Friday, July 1, a law comes into force in Estonia, enabling car drivers to leave their driving license and technical certificate at home. The only condition – drivers must carry with them a personal identity document.

Eurozone’s inflation estimate for June – 2.7%

In June 2011, inflation in the eurozone is likely to hit 2.7%, compared to the same month last year, reports Eurostat.

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